An affiliate of the Belgian government reveals about Twitter the prices of vaccines the EU kept secret

A Belgian government official has exposed on the social network Twitter vaccine prices that the European Commission has decided with the six pharmaceutical groups which it has concluded agreements within the construction of its vaccination strategy againstCovid-19 and the European institution kept secret to get reasons of confidentiality.

Although the woman later deleted often the message, the Secretary of State for Price range and Consumer Protection, Eva Para Bleeker, announced on this platform the EU has bought this year 33.5 million vaccines for 279 million euros and accompanied the written text with an image in which the price every unit of each vaccine candidate is usually detailed.

Thus, it reported they may have been acquired 7.7 mil doses of the vaccine developed simply by Oxford and AstraZeneca at a device price of 1,78 euros and almost 5.2 million in the prototype of Johnson & Johnson for a price of $ 8.40 each (6.95 euros). This 7.7 million doses in the Sanofi and GSK vaccine could have cost the EU a unit tariff of 7.56 euros.

With view to the BioNTech and Pfizer shot, which may be the first to be authorized from the EU if it receives a favorable professional recommendation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) next Monday, the price per medication dosage is 12 euros and the EUROPEAN UNION has acquired a batch connected with 5 million units.

Finally, in line with the information revealed by this Belgian federal official, the EU has paid for 18 euros for each of the 3 million doses of Moderna’s shot and 10 euros per device of the CureVac vaccine, from with whom it has bought 5 , 8 mil doses.

The European Commission will not disclose this information officially and adduces confidentiality reasons. According to Brussels, it’s the pharmaceutical groups that demand to add these clauses in the contracts, but additionally argues that Brussels is in an improved position to negotiate with the organizations if the prices agreed with other labs are not known.

The spokesperson to get Health of the Community Executive, Stefan de Keersmaecker, has avoided showing what the consequences will be after all these confidentiality clauses have been breached and possesses limited himself to stating which will “there are good reasons” to regard them, also for the “general interest”.

The main spokesman for the Western Commission, Eric Mamer, added which will Member States have information on the purchase price paid for each vaccine candidate. Additionally, he stressed that “there could have been no contracts if all these confidentiality clauses had not existed.”



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