Aerosols are behind 75% of Covid-19 transmissionAccording to the studies of the Zaragoza researcher José Luis Jiménez, who opposes the defense theory of contagion by droplets.

The honorary member of the American Association for Aerosol Research recommends that people think of the virus as tobacco smoke that you have to try not to swallow. In addition, he has insisted on the importance of wearing a tight-fitting mask, avoiding indoor spaces and in any case ventilating them correctly.

“There is much more evidence (of contagion) by aerosols than by drops,” said Jiménez. However, the WHO has rejected airborne contagion for a “historical issue”, as it did in its day with tuberculosis, which was not until 40 years later when it was admitted, and for a “practical” issue, because at first there were not enough masks to protect yourself from infection.

For the expert, it is “almost impossible” for two people to meet outside, wearing a mask and respecting the safety distance get coronavirus. Although he has stressed that no protection measure works by itself, but that it is about combining them as if they were layers.

If it is unavoidable to be inside a room, the scientist bets on ventilate to “clear the air” and that the contaminated space is not inhaled again by other people. It also points out that it is necessary that the CO2 in the environment does not exceed 700 particles per million, since it guarantees that at most 2% of the air breathed is air that another person has expelled, for which it recommends the installation of meters CO2 or HEPA filters.

“Mass infections occur in places where you spend a lot of time talking”, says the expert, who explains that when we speak we expel ten times more aerosols and when we sing or shout fifty times more.

The scientist, who maintains direct contact with the Government of Spain, advises take the classrooms to the streetTaking the example of New York and Boston, which taught abroad during the tuberculosis epidemic of 1910.

In turn, the professor points out that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already recognize contagion by inhalation and he clarifies that the virus is not expelled whenever aerosols are emitted, but rather it is “sporadic” and that is why it happens that sometimes close contacts are not infected.