The prominent Hungarian conductor Iván Fischer has presented a mask against the coronavirus with two plastic hands that are attached to the ears, enhancing the musical experience at a concert.

The mask features two life-size hands made of clear plastic that are placed around the ears and serve to improve sound perception, according to the director of the Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFZ).

“The mask has generated international interest from Japan and China to European and American countries such as the US and Mexico“, the BFZ press officer, Adél Tossenberger, explained to EFE today, Wednesday.

Fischer, in a video in which he presents his invention recalls the ideas of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart of “that you have to turn necessity into virtue.”

“Now many use masks, something they consider a necessity, which at the same time offers a possibility to improve acoustics”explains the renowned director of the BFZ.

Fischer recalls that putting the cupped hands behind the ears makes the music sound “warmer and louder” and that is why he has invented “the mask to improve acoustics.”

The two transparent hands they offer a sound “that will be much more beautiful”, while the mask has a special design. Masks on sale now at the BFZ office by a price of 22 euros.

“We received a message from a person who considered the invention a genius and thought that Iván Fischer should be nominated for the Nobel Prize “Tossenberger recounted humorously.

The press officer added that there are people who consider the mask a symbol of the pandemic, while others buy it as a decorative object.

“A customer who bought the mask, has wanted something similar for a long time, because he hears bad and he always put his hands behind his ears to enjoy the concerts, “he explained.

The BFZ returned to performing for the public in September after a six-month hiatus during the pandemic. Those attending her concerts must wear masks during concerts as a preventive measure.

The director is a determined propagator of the use of masks and in another video he draws attention to the fact that viewers will only be able to attend BFZ concerts without symptoms, after sanitizing your hands upon entering the building and with the proper use of masks throughout the recital.

“BFZ spectators, who are very intelligent people, know very well that masks worn under the nose are useless at all“, calls attention, with a tinge of humor, to one of the most general erroneous customs to the use of masks.

“If someone wear it under the nose, we will ask you to raise it and if you don’t, I will suspend the concert. I will be very severe “, advanced the artist.