Only 18-year-old defender of Frisk Asker Mats Hildisch seriously injured in the middle of a hockey match.

Hildisch hit the pole in last week’s Saturday under-21 match between Frisk Asker and Lørenskog. He was immediately taken to Ullevål Hospital, where he was operated on.

Frisk Asker on Monday announced Hildisch’s diagnosis that a young hockey player had a permanent spinal cord injury that led to paralysis.

Hildisch released the first picture a few days ago after what happened. In the picture, he is lying in a hospital bed.

– As many of you know, I have experienced serious injury. I had a broken neck and injured my spinal cord. I was transferred to the rehabilitation center on Monday and I’m ready to do the work more than ever.

– I really appreciate all the messages that I have received, he continued.

Hildisch is Frisk Asker’s own breeder. Last season, he played 27 matches in the under-21 team, resulting in a power of 4 + 12 = 16.

Hildisch played one match in Norway’s main league this season. He has also played in his career in Norwegian youth national teams.