‘Amor sem Igual’: recording makes Leandro arrested for trying to kill Poderosa

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In the final stretch of the soap opera “Amor Sem Igual”, Leandro (Gabriel Gracindo) will pay for having been an accomplice to Tobias (Thiago Rodrigues) and Bernardo (Heitor Martinez) in an attempt to end Poderosa (Day Mesquita). The former lawyer of Bras Talentos Esportivos will be arrested in the next chapters of the plot of Record TV, which returned to show new episodes this week after six months. The information is from the “Observatório da Televisão” portal. Still in this resumption, the show will have the call girl revealing to her father, Ramiro (Juan Alba), to be his bastard daughter and demanding that the businessman shelter her at home.

It is worth remembering that in Cristianne Fridman’s novel Fabiana’s ex-boyfriend (Manuela do Monte), now arousing jealousy in Poderosa for approaching Miguel (Rafael Sardão) betrayed his former allies by revealing to the prostitute that she is Ramiro’s heir. And it will be Donatella’s husband (Sthefany Brito) who will deliver the former employee to Fonseca (Thierry Figueira). For that, Ramiro uses a recording in which Leandro assumes he participated in the macabre act. “The images and audio leave no doubt. You assumed the involvement in the assassination attempt of Poderosa”, says the policeman and accomplice of Tobias.

In ‘Amor sem Igual’, Leandro threatens Tobias

Cynical, Leandro tries to defend himself and claims that expertise is needed, but Fonseca ignores and gives a prison sentence to the rapist of Maria Antônia (Michelle Batista), whom she abused during a party at the then boss’s house. “Except one …”, Angélica / Poderosa shoots when discovering the novelty. Ironically, the lawyer threatens Tobias, the prostitute’s half-brother. “The next ‘minus one’ is you,” he scoffs. “Minus a thug among good people”, completes the protagonist.

It is at that moment that Fabiana’s ex says: “Good people? Don’t think you are safe, Powerful”. Ramiro revolts and defends the bastard. “I want the deputy to register his threat to my daughter,” he demands. Finally, Leandro is taken handcuffed to the police station in the soap opera nominated for the Produ Awards, an award from Latin America. The history of the São Paulo broadcaster disputes in its category with “Rubi” (from Mexican Televisa), “Amar e Viver” (from Colombian Caracol), “100 days to fall in love” (from American Telemundo in partnership with Netflix) and “Voltarei to Find You “(from Peruvian America TV). The winner will be announced next month.

Record will turn ‘King David’ into soap opera

According to columnist Flávio Ricco, the station has already decided on its next biblical novels. After “Genesis”, which opens in January and will have 150 chapters, “King David” will come, counted in 2012 in a mini-series format and has already been shown four times. Following, “Solomon”. At the end of 2019 and, therefore, before the pandemic, Record even announced the continuation of “Topíssima”, but for now the project is still in the drawer.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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