Although it is already a few years old, Among Us It has become very important in recent months due to the pandemic, confinement and its peculiar dynamics.

What is it Among Us? It is a role-playing game in which we observe an impostor and other crew members on a ship. The impostor has to take down a certain number of players without being discovered.

He wins when he kills everyone or when the crew cannot arrange a sabotage. Crewmembers can win when they manage to find the impostor, so the dynamic becomes an experience full of challenges, stealth and sabotage.

It is more enjoyable if it is enjoyed with friends locally, but that does not detract from the online gameplay.

Due to its fun and simple dynamics, gamers have been waiting for a second installment, although the developers already specified that they prefer to invest efforts in updating and improving the first version.

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The course that the crew of Among Us may have taken

If we look closely at the design of the graphics and characters of Among Us, we can see that it is something simple, but it is still interesting to know how the creative process was carried out.

We only have the example of Kirby, a character from Nintendo which was designed in such a way so that fans could draw it without so many complications. And something like that happened with Among Us.

Taking the example of Kirby, PuffballsUnited, one of the developers of Among UsHe explained that he wanted a simple art design; that could be easily remembered by the players.

However, that does not mean that several sketches were made to arrive at the final result and, according to a concept art that was shared on social networks, the crew could have had a star shape to be related to the space theme.

In the process that was revealed, it is possible to appreciate how the idea for the backpack came much later.

“This is literally the only concept art of the design that the crew could have had. We did it very quickly, “said PuffballsUnited on his Twitter account.

This is how the characters in the game might have looked:

Would you have liked the crew members to take the previously thought form? If you have not yet experimented with Among Us, you should know that it is available for iOS Y Android and, if you want to enjoy it from your computer, here we tell you how to download it.

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And you … Would you rather be a crew member or an impostor?