On the one hand we have to Among Us it continues to be an online multiplayer phenomenon that adds new fans every day who get involved in the intrigue that characterizes its proposal.

On the other, the football players are becoming the new talents of stream of videogames.

What happens when they combine Among Us and one of the most popular footballers of the moment?

Are reached colossal figures by viewers.

That is what happened to the Twitch channel of Ibai Llanos, who is one of the most popular streamers in Spain and who had a session of Among Us in which he participated Neymar.

According to information from The Spanish, Llanos demolished all the records of his channel when he reached the number of 258,058 simultaneous viewers, which in turn impacted their average viewer statistic each live.

It was TVTOP Spain that published the complete table, from which it appears that Llanos had his golden minute with those 250,058 simultaneous viewers and an average of 171,676 per transmission.

To give you an idea of ​​how the transmission was, the streamer made a compilation of the Best moments and in it we can see that Neymar compromised the game session, which unleashed laughter and even feelings of betrayal. Look:

Developed by InnerSloth, Among Us originally arrived in 2018 and it was two years later that he was placed in the general taste of the community, after several streamers shared their sessions with him.

In recent times it has yielded its first place of sales in Steam, position that snatched the title of horror Phasmophobia, but it is almost certain that this situation derived from the conjuncture of October, a month in which horror proposals steal spotlight, so we do not doubt that the indie of InnerSloth has more weeks insured in the first places.