Among Us prepares an update full of news: secret ballot, measures against hackers and more

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The indie title released in 2018 for cell phones and PCs does not want to disappoint its legion of fans.

Isolation because of coronavirus pandemic generated a sensation among online video games. Without a doubt, one of the beneficiaries was Among Us that gained the attention of players and one of the most viewed on the streaming platform Twitch. So that the fury does not die down, its creators announced an update packed with new features for December.

One of the novelties in the title developed by the Innersloth studio is the support for color blind players, which will be incorporated in the next patch, as stated in a statement. Its creators, they clarify, will monitor its operation in case it needs changes.

Likewise, the video game for mobiles and PC prepares the option that players can create your own accounts game in December. With this measure, they hope it will be easier report people with toxic behaviors in games or cheating.

Innersloth acknowledged that game accounts “may be a bit short at first” but that after launch they hope to add new features such as friend lists.

Other novelties that are on the game’s roadmap are the incorporation of a new larger map than the current one, inspired by the Henry Stickmin video game, as well as translating the title into new languages.

Among Us took steps to fight hackers that cheat in the game, and in the last weeks it distributed an update through the servers to solve this problem although “some cheats still work and errors have appeared”, as they recognized from Innersloth.

Further, the latest patch the game already incorporated some new functions such as anonymous votes, so all votes are now grayed out, and new task bars.

Among Us lets play online games of up to ten playerss, crew members of a spaceship who aim to discover and accuse the impostors before they destroy the entire crew. The players are identified by a name and also by a color, different for each one.


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