Even though Among Us has been around for years, it was not until 2020 that it began to gain great relevance and popularity. Under that logic, the game will be updated to integrate a new ship-themed map.

What’s Among Us about?

For those who do not know, Among Us is a role-playing game in which we observe an impostor and other crew members on a ship. The impostor has to take down a certain number of players without being discovered.

He wins when he kills everyone or when the crew cannot arrange a sabotage. The crew can win if they discover the impostor, so the dynamics turn into something very fun filled with suspense.

Recently, Among Us fans were disappointed to learn that there would be no sequel, but the creators explained that they wanted to use all those efforts in the only existing game to improve it over time and it seems that their words are gradually becoming more a reality.

Someone made a 3D version of Among Us and you can play it

Among Us with a new theme

Through Twitter, Innersloth, developer of Among Us, showed the new game map that is intended to be a tribute to the clan’s airship Topped from The Henry Stickmin Collection, another of the studio’s games.

Along with the announcement of the ship theme, the studio took the opportunity to announce its new account of Twitter specifically for Among Us.

«Welcome to the official Among Us Twitter account. Get all the news, looks and funny antics here and become part of the team. Here’s a special look at the NEW Among Us map! (For your eyes only !!) (Don’t show it to impostors !!) », says the tweet.

While this is a great novelty, the creators of Among Us warned that gamers You will be able to know more details about updates next December 10 in the framework of The Game Awardsas it is nominated for “Best Multiplayer” and “Best Mobile Game”.

Among Us: This could have been the design of the crew

For now we don’t have more details about what’s new in the game, but what do you think of its new map?