Among Us is already the most popular game on smartphones: what is it about

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InnerSloth has created a gold mine: Among Us. It is currently one of the most watched games in Twitch, the platform streaming most popular game in the world, it is the fourth most played game in Steam and it was recently announced that Among Us is the most popular game on Android and iOS smartphones.

At the end of the third quarter of 2020, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have a clear winner in number of downloads: Among Us. In the third quarter alone, Among Us was downloaded 100 million times on the Google Play Store and everything seems to indicate that the popularity of the game is on the rise.

What makes Among Us the game of the moment?

We have already made it clear that this is the most popular game of the moment, whether it is personal computers or mobile devices. But what is Among Us about and why is it so popular? Let’s start by talking about the simplest: what this game is about.

Among Us requires a minimum of 6 players online and ideally a voice calling app like Skype and Discord running in the background. We will need it to communicate with the other players in the different instances in which the negotiation will be key. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

We said that Among Us requires a minimum of 6 players who will simulate the roles of human crew members in fully sealed astronaut suits. That prevents us from seeing the faces of our colleagues in-game which introduces the twist: one of the crew is not human. At least one of them, to tell the truth.

From 7 players, we can choose to have 2 impostors inside the ship, making the job easier for the villains, that is, a greater challenge for the crew. We can even choose to play with up to 3 imposters but, in general, it is recommended to avoid this challenge unless the sum of players exceeds 10.

So: we have crew members and impostors, what is it about now? Crewmembers have short, medium and long tasks assigned at random but whose limit of each one is preset in quantity previously. Once the crew members complete all their tasks, they will have won without further ado. That’s where imposter work comes in.

Imposters need to assassinate the entire crew to match or exceed the number of crew members. For that they will try to take them to certain sectors of the ship, away from their companions to avoid raising suspicions. While crew members struggle to complete tasks, impostors can sabotage them to produce disruptions that need to be resolved urgently or eventually.

This is where it should be noted that dead crew members transform into ghosts and in this mode they can continue to complete their tasks, which is essential to help achieve victory by tasks in case the impostors are not being able to get away with it. .

By sabotaging communications or central pieces of the ship, the crew members will have to juggle the following priorities: resolve the attacks first, try to stay close to their companions, establish relationships of trust with those who believe equal and, finally, meet in committees to expel the suspects.

There are two ways to start a vote: let a round come to an end or report a dead body. Once the voting period begins, Among Us provides us with an integrated written chat system, but many enjoy the experience more by using other tools such as Discord and Skype.

Another way to achieve victory for the crew, is, then, deducing and voting correctly the expulsion of the impostors from the ship.

Each player can be identified with their own pseudonym but they are also assigned random colors to differentiate them from other players. And if we want to invest a little more money, we can buy cosmetics that, for now, are just hats.

Currently, Among Us is the most popular game on smartphones and personal computers and it is so popular that InnerSloth, its developer company, announced that they will suspend the creation of the planned sequel to focus on the success of this first installment.


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