AMG has already designed a roof box

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Some believe that the best tool for long-term family car travel is the diesel station wagon, which is now increasingly a diesel recreational car. Because with these, you rarely have to stop refueling and everything fits, from inflated crocodiles to tight suitcases, and fried meat sandwiches. And someone would rather stop at every well, but don’t miss the family in AMG Merci.

Although the Mercedes-AMG also offers a dirty fast station wagon (E 63 S with 612 horsepower and 3.5-1 0-100 seconds), anyone can tell that the number of kids increases exponentially with the number of kids, so there are no more than 600 liters of luggage that the family would not fill. That’s why AMG also made a roof box so that it doesn’t have to leave its second sweater or hiking boots at home with a GT 63 S 4matic + 4 door.

There are two versions of the Mercedes-AMG roof box, one specifically for coupe models. Apparently not only style but also aerodynamics were paid attention, so a diffuser-type insert was placed on the back of the box. Strange as it may seem, air resistance is an important factor in such a useful item, as it is not only quieter despite the larger front surface, but also the consumption does not jump due to the box.

It can be loaded with 70 kg, and the plastic container itself weighs 26 kg and holds 410 liters of belongings. Although linked to the AMG name, it is not allowed to be unreasonably high speeds. Officially, the roof box is 130 km / h the speed limit.



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