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Emily Murphy is required by law to sign a document that allows the Democratic team to prepare for the next term

When Emily Murphy appeared before the Senate in October 2017 to take over as director of the General Services Administration (GSA) of the Donald Trump Administration, she maintained that she did not want the position to make a name for herself or to hoard. Headlines. Two months after the Republican’s term comes to an end, the unwanted attention has fallen on her. By law, Murphy is responsible for signing a protocol document that allows President-elect Joe Biden’s team to move forward with the transition. Certification of the results implied by the document authorizes the incoming government to access classified information or begin the move to government facilities. Three days after the victory of the Democrat, the official has not moved an iota and Trump leads a judicial battle against the electoral process.

The impending transition blockade is an appendage to the general refusal to recognize the results of the presidential elections adopted by the Trump Administration. Murphy has the legal authority to put the transition in motion and release the $ 6.3 million in federal funds allocated to this task. The signature of the document is understood as the official pistol for the change of command. Without it, future members of Biden’s team cannot be given way to federal agencies or trained during visits to government offices. They also cannot access the safe spaces to obtain and discuss classified information.

There is no set deadline that determines when the GSA manager must sign the document. This leaves a window open until December 14, when the Electoral College assigns the votes to each candidate. For reference, the Acting Director of the GSA of the Barack Obama Administration signed the protocol letter the day after the elections. Those responsible for the transition of Biden’s team on Monday asked a senior official in the Trump Administration to end the “unjustified obstruction” of the money budgeted for the transfer of power and “the access that federal law guarantees must be granted to the winner of a presidential election “, as reported The New York Times.

Pamela Pennington, spokesperson for the GSA, reported this Monday in a statement that the “certification” of the votes has not yet been carried out and that the office and its management “will continue to comply with all the requirements established by law and comply with the precedent set by the Clinton Administration in 2000 ”. That year the results were known weeks after the elections because there was a legal dispute in Florida to have the ballots counted due to the narrow margin between Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore. He finally won the first by 537 votes. This year the circumstances are different. Trump is trying to get them to stop counting legitimately cast votes, and Biden’s lead is tens of thousands of votes.

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