The time for the U.S. presidential election is just under four weeks and election day, November 3, is approaching.

There appear to be a record number of Americans voting before election day this year, according to the news agency Reuters.

More than 6.6 million Americans have already cast their ballots in the presidential election. The figure is more than ten times higher than in the 2016 election to date, says the United States Elections Project, which publishes the figures.

The chapter is based on the expansion of the use of a secure postable ballot during a pandemic and the enthusiasm for Donald Trumpin political future, says a professor of politics at the University of Florida who works as an election authority Michael McDonald.

– People give their voices when they have made their decisions. We know a lot of people have made a decision a long time ago, and they have a decision regarding Trump, McDonald says.

The professor predicts a final turnout of about 150 million. That equates to 65 percent of those eligible to vote. The reading would be the highest since 1908.

In nationwide opinion polls Joe Biden leads its competitor, but surveys in major Libra-speaking states anticipate tighter competition, Reuters reports.

Trump has repeatedly spoken out against postal voting. This has led to declining interest in postal voting among Republican forces. Of the advance votes that have already been posted, there are twice as many votes from Democrats as there are Republicans from those states that report voters by party support.

According to McDonald, advance voting usually starts strongly, but falls just before election day. However, in some states, the number of advance voters has already peaked.