America blue, America red: the revelations of America’s political map

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America blue, America red: the revelations of America's political map
America blue, America red: the revelations of America's political map
America blue, America red: the revelations of America's political map
America blue, America red: the revelations of America's political map
America blue, America red: the revelations of America's political map

More Republican or More Democratic States according to how many times they have won each game since 1948. In CaliforniaFor example, Democrats have only won one more time than Republicans.

The States that change hands the most. Louisiana It is the ‘swing state’ that has changed its sign the most times since 1948: 10 times.

The Most republican states they are generally concentrated in deep America. Wyoming, Nebraska y Utah they add up to more than 60% of the votes.

On the east coast, the Most democratic states. At D.C. Republicans have never won and accumulate 82% of the vote.

There are other states that they do not have such a marked fixed profile. There are eight states where there are less than two points of difference between Republicans and Democrats.

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Blue America, Red America: The Revelations of America’s Political Map ‘

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