Amazon will sell smart Echo speakers in the Netherlands

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Web store giant Amazon will sell its smart Echo speakers in the Netherlands. The built-in smart assistant does not speak Dutch yet. Amazon CEO Michele Butti tells Press.

Alexa provides local answers

The company will offer international versions of its Echo and Echo Dot speakers in the Netherlands, which received updates earlier this year.

The devices are sold for 100 and 60 euros respectively. They can be ordered from Thursday, after which the first models will be delivered on November 11.

The Echo speakers support the smart assistant Alexa, which answers simple questions or can, for example, turn on music. In the international versions of both speakers, the assistant speaks British English.

Butti does not want to elaborate on a possible Dutch version. “At the moment we have nothing to show yet,” said the CEO. Competitors Apple and Google do offer Dutch versions of their voice assistants.

Butti does say that the speakers sold in the Netherlands use your location to make answers more relevant. Anyone who asks from the Netherlands about the current king, for example, will be told that this is Willem-Alexander. Earlier, the English-speaking assistant automatically referred to the British royal family.

Amazon has been selling its smart speakers for years, but has not offered them in the Netherlands so far. It was possible to import them via detours.

Earlier this year, Amazon started a webshop specifically for the Netherlands. Since then, gadgets such as the Fire TV Stick have also been delivered in the Netherlands.



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