Amazon presents the new designs of its home assistants: Echo and Echo Dot

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The home assistant market has been conquered several years ago by Amazon and Google who with their respective smart speakers transformed Alexa and Google Assistant into the most popular artificial voices in the world. And in anticipation of Google’s event on September 30, Amazon announces the new Echo and the Echo Dot.

The name has not changed but the designs have and a lot. Moving away from the cylindrical presentation the new Amazon Echo reminds us a lot of the Google Nexus Q, a powerful spherical speaker that the company of the powerful search engine announced – and then canceled – during Google I / O 2012. Now Amazon revived this design and is your new home assistant.

Details of the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo, as we have already said, is a sphere that we could describe in simple details: half of the sphere is covered by a soft fabric like many of the other smart home assistants on the market, the other half is pure, rigid. and soft plastic; On the base we see a ring of lights and on its back the necessary power.

Inside, the new Amazon Echo has a 3-inch woofer and two tweeters to ensure surround sound that describes the whole sphere of highs and lows that we would expect from a device of this hierarchy. In addition, it is beautifully presented in three different colors: “Charcoal”, “Glacier White” and “Twilight Blue”.

Amazon announces the new Echo, a direct competitor of the new Google Nest that we would see announced on September 30. But Amazon wants to make sure it covers all fronts and that’s why it also announced the Echo Dot, a cylindrical pill-shaped device with sharper ends, which will be the competition of the Google Nest Mini.

The Amazon Echo goes on sale for about $ 100. The same price at which previous generation devices can still be achieved even though the new Amazon Echo has an Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge processor that promises up to 20 times higher consumption efficiency, up to 2 times higher speech processing speed and up to 85% less memory usage.

On the other hand, the Amazon Echo Dot is sold at half price and at a price of US $ 60 if we want the model to come included with an LED display that serves as an analog clock for users.


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