Amazon patents remote payment by hand: how secure it is

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At a time when more and more people have opted for contactless card payments, Amazon believes they have a better solution. They just introduced payment with the use of the palm.

During yesterday, Amazon revealed for the first time a new biometric payment solution, without contact. This allows customers to pay for their purchases at the store with a simple wave of the hand.

It’s called Amazon One, and the new service will be available for the first time in two of Amazon Go’s stores in Seattle, the city where the company is based. Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos’ group plans to add the technology to other grocery stores in the United States (Chicago, San Francisco and New York, among other outlets in Seattle). Depending on the feedback from the market and the openness of customers for such a thing, it will not take long to sell it to third party stores. Mometan, however, did not announce the name of a potential partner.

The first major destination for this technology could be the Whole Foods Market. The latter was purchased in 2017 by Amazon and may not take long until the introduction of the new payment system in franchise stores.

“In most retail spaces, Amazon One could become an alternative payment method or a loyalty card option with a home device alongside the traditional payment system,” Dilip Kumar, vice president for Amazon’s retail and technology. The use of Amazon One to facilitate public entry into stadiums or access to the workplace is also not ruled out, Kumar added.

In terms of benefits and operation, the new solution has been described as “fast, reliable and secure” by Amazon. In the authentication process it uses custom algorithms starting from an image of the hand, in order to create “a unique signature in the palm of your hand”. All you need to register in the new platform is a phone number and a bank card. An Amazon account is not required. “We take data security and privacy seriously, and all sensitive data is treated in accordance with our many-year-old policies,” the company said.


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