Amazon has started with electric cars: they are ready, but it does not want to sell them. What he uses them for

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Amazon is in a constant race to optimize its service portfolio, but especially the delivery of packages to customers. For this reason, the company’s first electric car is not a major surprise.

Without being the subject of previous speculation, the van in the images below was recently revealed by Amazon. It uses 100% electric propulsion and, although we do not know its autonomy, it will not take long to reach the hands of the company’s in-house couriers.

If all goes well, by 2022, there will be 10,000 electric cars like the ones in the Amazon portfolio and, implicitly, on the streets. They will be used exclusively to deliver packages to customers. The couriers who have already seen them were very pleasantly impressed. In the end, 100,000 electric cars could be reached.

They will not be for sale, at least not in the first phase. Realistically, if the market feedback will be good and the interest as well, there are great chances that it can be purchased at some point.

In terms of research and development, the electric car from Amazon was made by Rivian, a startup with only 2 years of experience that has already enjoyed investments of 2.5 billion dollars.

In the case of an electric car, a very important aspect is autonomy. Many are curious how long it will last away from the outlet, but Amazon has been secretive on the subject. Even so, we know that it will have outdoor cameras, and the images will be displayed on a generously sized indoor tablet. Thus, the driver will have information 360 degrees outside the car. Predictably, voice assistant Alexa will also be present.

However, the new car was not built for speed or any other extraordinary performance. It’s all about protecting the environment.

“We have an opportunity now to set the standard. It’s hard not to notice the changes around you. We are at a turning point in human history where our actions radically and fundamentally change the nature and way we feel about life on the planet. We are changing the climate. The time we need to make the change is right now, “said RJ Scaringe, Rivian’s CEO.


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