Amazon is about to unveil its new Fire TV Stick Lite, a device that will seek to compete against the Google Chromecast and other products already on the market, but with the peculiarity that their price will be more accessible … or at least that is what is expected.

Once again, the middle WinFuture, which tends to filter and display product specs before official announcements, revealed some of the new features Fire TV Stick Lite, which denotes some differences with respect to the current model, although with a similar appearance.

As it is a Lite version, it seems that this new device would not have support for 4K playback, or other premium aspects that already make up the family of transmission devices from Amazon.

Photos: this is the new Chromecast with Google TV

This news comes at a time when Google is working on its new generation of Chromecast with Google TV, so the competition keeps getting tougher.

The key to the new Fire TV Stick Lite it will lie in its price, beyond its characteristics.

The medium reports a design with some buttons, a new version of Alexa and the inclusion of other functions, but there are not many details about other specifications in terms of resolution or other novelties in relation to predecessor models.

However, it is expected that it will have trimmed features to position itself as a more consumer-friendly option.

And in this competition they are not only Amazon and Google, but Xiaomi It has also decided to venture into this field with its Mi TV Stick product, so users have various options to choose from and enjoy their favorite content.

Xiaomi already prepares its Mi TV Stick to compete with Google’s Chromecast

It will only be necessary to confirm this information tomorrow, September 24, when Amazon host your own virtual event.