Behind a poster with Joe Biden,’s director of policy and communications, Jay Carney, made no secret of his long history with the Democratic presidential candidate when he virtually attended a roundtable during the convention. Democratic Party, since August.

Carney said Amazon created hundreds of thousands of jobs and, along with Microsoft President Brad Smith, was one of two senior technology executives who had a public place at the convention, proving the possible influence of Amazon in the Biden administration, if the Democrat wins the White House.

Amazon appears to have gained an early lead in the Biden camp, according to Reuters data from OpenSecrets and campaign financial records, as well as dozens of shareholders, including antitrust organizations, lobbyists, congressional advisers, competing companies and lawmakers.

Along with Amazon, Google, part of the Alphabet group, and Microsoft are among the top five contributors to candidate Joe Biden’s campaign committee in 2020, according to OpenSecrets, which tracks political money and campaign financial data.

Companies are prohibited by law from making direct donations. Contributions are made either through companies’ political action committees (CAPs), CAP members or their employees.

Technology companies are strengthening their relationships in the event of a Biden victory, to ensure they have a say in the multitude of federal and state investigations into their business practices.

The proximity of these companies to the Democratic Party worries those who criticize their dominant position on the market.

Depending on the position of a possible Biden administration, the current antitrust investigations, opened by the Trump administration and some state attorneys general, could be intensified or weakened.

Biden criticized the big internet companies during interviews and campaign events and called for the repeal of a law that protects these companies from liability for content posted by users. He also expressed concern about market concentration and privacy issues. Biden criticized Amazon for not paying taxes and expressed dissatisfaction with Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

An Amazon spokesman said the company’s CAP did not contribute to the Biden campaign. He said Amazon supported the Democratic and Republican conventions with digital technology and services to increase viewership.

“We will work with both administrations in the same way … our approach will not change no matter who wins the election,” he added.

A Biden campaign spokesman said he was against the abuse of power. “Many of the tech giants and their directors have not only abused their power, but they have deceived the American people, harmed our democracy, and shunned any form of responsibility. That will end with President Biden, “he said.

Google declined to comment, and Microsoft explained that the contributions were made by its employees.