Amazing satellite photos of climate change from before and after

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Scientists have linked Climate change will lead to more severe and deadly wildfires and floods, droughts and floods as well as hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes.

This phenomenon can also cause famines and rise sea levels, as well as eroding coastlines. Global economy

The result? The result? Climate change is having a greater impact on our lives.. Experts worry that time is running out. Avoid catastrophic heating Of the earth.

These 50 satellite photos show how climate change could be making disasters worse. They were provided by Maxar, an imaging company.

In this June 12, 2021, photo, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada is heavily affected by the ongoing, climate-change-linked megadrought in the western United States. 

Flooding in Yellowstone National Park


Here’s a view before the road was flooded south of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, on March 30. 

Experts have attributed flooding and rising temperatures to climate change. 

Road washouts caused by historic flooding


Here’s a view showing road washes in Yellowstone National Park from the south due to flooding. This photo was taken on June 15. 

Yellowstone National Park had a wonderful summer. Historic flooding

View of Indus River before flooding


Here’s an image from March 24, showing the Indus River just before floods devastated Rajanpur, Pakistan. 

Pakistani areas continue feeling the effects devastating effects The devastating floods that began in 2022 were widely reported. 

1,700 deaths, more than 33,000,000 affected


An overview of the Indus River flooding in Rajanpur, Pakistan from Aug. 28. 

The Floods caused by climate change Pakistan has submerged large parts of southern Pakistan and killed hundreds of innocent people. 

The floods impacted 33 million people, weakening agriculture and killing more than a thousand livestock. 

Before Pakistan floods, village and fields


A village and its fields, March 24, before the floods struck Rajanpur in Pakistan.  

Floodwaters surround Pakistan


This photo taken Aug. 28 features the same village Surrounded by floodwaters at Rajapur, Pakistan

Holiday Lakes, Texas before catastrophic flooding


This April 3, 2017 photo shows Holiday Lakes in Texas, just before Hurricane Harvey caused devastating flooding. 

Months later, September 2017 Officials from Texas announced At least 82 people died in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s massive flooding. 

Overview of a Texas town flooded


This Aug. 30, 2017 photo shows a view of Holiday Lakes in Texas during the flooding. 

In a statement, Environmental Defense Fund outlined the issue: “As our climate warms, we’re experiencing stronger winds, higher storm surges and record rainfalls during hurricane season — which is also why these storms are becoming more destructive and costly.”

California: Lake San Gabriel is hit by drought


Here’s an overview of a lake in San Gabriel, California,  taken Sept, 26, 2018. 

California had its 2021 best year. Worst drought In excess of four years. 

The next slide shows how the exact same drought appears to have drained that same lake. 

California lake is being drained by drought


This is the same lake in San Gabriel (California) that was photographed on May 18, 2021. 

A month later, the lake had dried so much that a plane was unable to land. 1965: The crash Officials finally discovered it. 

Low water levels close to boat ramp


Here is a view of the Boulder Harbor Launch Ramp at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada. This was taken May 18, 2020. 

The National Park Association was established in May 2022. Announcement Due to low water levels at Lake Mead, Boulder Harbor’s boat ramp was closed. 

Lake Mead water supply shrinks due to hotter climate


Take a look at this July 27, 2021 photo to see how Lake Mead is losing water. 

The federal government reportedly implemented mandatory water cuts for the southwest as the Colorado River and Lake Mead and Lake Powell — two of the country’s largest reservoirs — continue to dry up. 

This photo was taken in the same summer as the one above. Lake Mead National Recreation Area Visitors were urged to be cautious about changes to boat launch areas because of the low levels later in the year.

Climate change and the western megadrought are linked


A photo of Stevens Creek Reservoir (Camertino, California) on June 30, 2020 

The reservoir is an artificial lake located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. 

The next slide shows the severe effects of the California drought on the area. Climate change is an issue. Blamed For making the drought in western U.S. more severe. 

Megadrought smashes Stevens Creek Reservoir


This photo of Stevens Creek Reservoir was taken shortly afterwards on May 26, 2021. 

The photo shows the shrinking water supply to the reservoir. 

Climate change is a serious concern Blamed for making the drought in western U.S. more severe. 

Taan Fiord landslide in Alaska


In this Maxar photo from Oct. 25, 2015 you can see the Taan Fiord landslide in Alaska. 

According to the National Park ServiceA lot of the material in the landslide was sourced from the Tyndall Glacier. 

Close-up of Taan Fiord landslide


This close-up image of the Taan Fiord landslide in Alaska is a completely different view. It was taken on October 25, 2015. 

The time was the NPS It was found that there was an indirect link between climate change and the massive landslide. 

Neumayer Glacier is sensitive about climate change


This photo of Neumayer Glacier is from December 23, 2011. 

The Neumayer Glacier, located in South Georgia, is the largest tidewater glacier within the British-held South Georgia. It can be found in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Neumayer Glacier melting away


Here’s a view from the Neumayer Glacier, taken March 11, 2014. 

The photo seems to show how much ice has been removed from the glacier since 2011.

Neumayer Glacier is slowly receding over the years


This photo is from Dec. 28, 2004 and shows the Neumayer Glacier’s mouth. 

You can see how far the glacier has retreated in the slides below.

Mouth of Neumayer Glacier


In this Dec. 23, 2011 photo, the retreating mouth of the Neumayer Glacier is visible. 

Neumayer Glacier shrinks


Here’s another view from the Neumayer Glacier mouth, via a photo taken on March 11, 2014. 

It is clear to see how much ice has been melted between the 2004 and 2011 photos. 

An altered glacier


This is the Neumayer Glacier’s mouth on February 6, 2019. 

These photos show the dramatic physical changes in the glacier that have occurred over the years in stark contrast with earlier photos.

Colonia Glacier Chile


This photo of Colonia Glacier in Chile was taken on November 11, 2012. 

The Colonia Glacier can be found in Chile’s Northern Patagonian Ice Field. 


Colonia Glacier: Melting Ice

DigitalGlobe via Getty Images

This photo gives you a close-up view of the melting glacier on the Colonia Glacier, Patagonia, Chile. 

The Colonia Glacier is long known for its unique features. fast-melting iceCaptured here. 

Lytton (B.C.) before wildfire


This image was taken May 11, 2019, and shows a close-up of downtown Lytton, southern British Columbia, Canada. It was taken before a wildfire ravaged the area.


Aftermath of Lytton (B.C.) wildfire


A close-up view of downtown Lytton, B.C. during the fires of July 2021. 

The wildfires are visible in the before and after photos. devastated The small Canadian village. 

Kentucky candle factory workers are killed


This Jan. 28, 2017 photo shows the Mayfield Consumer Products candle plant in Mayfield, Kentucky and nearby buildings, before a devastating tornado struck the area in Dec 2021. 

At least 74 people were killed in tornadoes that struck the state, including eight workers at the candle factory. 

Aftermath of Mayfield tornado, Kentucky


A view of the Mayfield Consumer Products candle plant after the tornado which killed eight workers and damaged the building. 

The deaths prompted a Lawsuit For the company.

Paradise Pines (California), before wildfire


Paradise Pines is one of the California communities that was affected by the Camp Fire. 

The wildfire destroyed all the beautiful greenery of this area in Paradise Pines, as the next slides illustrate. 

Camp Fire scorches Paradise Pines


Photo taken Nov. 9, 2018. Paradise Pines is seen burning during the Camp Fire wildfire. 

According to the California Wildfires Database, California saw more than 7,571 wildfires in 2018, which burned more than 1.8million acres. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

California’s deadliest wildfire


Another photo taken at the Camp Fire wildfire in California. 

The Camp Fire in Butte County started on Nov. 8, 2018 and is the Deadliest In the state’s past.

At least 85 people perished, 153 336 acres were set on fire, and 18,804 structures were destroyed. 

Paradise Pines following Camp Fire


This last photo shows the devastating effects of Camp Fire.

Before Colorado was ravaged by wildfires


This is an overview showing homes in Louisville, Colorado prior to a major wildfire that ravaged the city on December 30, 2021. 

The city is located in the southeastern Boulder County. The wildfire resulted in $513 million worth of damages. 

More than 1000 homes were destroyed


The massive Marshall Fire that erupted in Boulder County, Colorado on Dec. 30, 2021 has caused severe damage to homes.

There were hundreds of homes Defeated In the Marshall Fire. 

Many people were without homes at 2022’s very beginning. This photo was taken just days after the fire on January 4, 2022. 

An online Report The fire’s intensity was partly due to climate change.

Ironton, Louisiana, just before Hurricane Ida


This Aug. 29, 2020 photograph was taken before Hurricane Ida ravaged Ironton in Louisiana. 

One year later, in August 2021, Hurricane Ida destroyed the town. 


Destruction by Hurricane Ida


This photo, taken Aug. 31, 2021, features Ironton, Louisiana and a nearby oil refinery after Hurricane Ida. 

“Global warming has caused global climate models to predict that hurricanes will likely cause more intense rain and a higher coastal flood risk because of higher levels of flooding. storm surge “Due to rising seas” NASA In a June report. 

Hurricane Ida kills at least 91


Another photo, Aug. 31, 2021, features Ironton (La.) after Hurricane Ida. 

Hurricane Ida killed Numerous people live in different states.

Before Hurricane Ida, Church in Ironton (La.)


Another photo, taken Aug. 29, 2020, shows the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Ironton, Louisiana, before Hurricane Ida ravaged the church and the surrounding area. 

New Orleans: Churches damaged


You can see the St. Paul church, Ironton, Louisiana, after Hurricane Ida destroyed it in this Aug. 31, 2021 photograph. 

Also, the Archdiocese of New Orleans reported After Hurricane Ida, the church sustained “extensive damage”. 

Hurricane Dorian’s fury


This is downtown Marsh Harbour in Abaco Islands (Bahamas), Oct. 25, 2018.

The image was taken just before Hurricane Dorian struck the area. 

After Hurricane Dorian, Downtown Marsh Harbour


This image, taken Sept. 5, 2019, shows the downtown area in the Bahamas town Marsh Harbour following Hurricane Dorian. 

“All the buildings, all the main buildings – gone,” longtime resident Robert Cornea told “CBS Evening News” Anchor Norah O’Donnell was present at the time. “Everything. Gone.”

Before cyclone Batsirai


This photo of Mananjary in Madagascar, Dec. 5, 2021 shows an overview of the area before Cyclone Batsirai wreaked havoc.

Cyclone season in Madagascar usually falls between November and March. 

92 dead, 17,000 homes damaged


This photo, which was taken on February 7, 2022, shows Mananjary, a city located in Madagascar after Cyclone Batsirai devastated the island. 

The time was the United Nations Aid agencies warned Madagascar that it was ready for its fourth cyclone in a single month. 

The UN took this photo a few days later. Tweet Batsirai in Madagascar caused the deaths of 92 people, damaged 17,000 houses and affected 112,000 people. 

Bridge before Hurricane Fiona


This bridge was built in Toa Alta (Puerto Rico) on June 18, 2022, before the area was devastated by Hurricane Fiona. 

In the aftermath, dozens of lives were lost. 

Puerto Rico bridge after Hurricane Fiona


This is the same bridge in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Fiona on Sept. 20. 

President Biden declared $60 million In aid of victims of the tragedy 

Experts Say it Warming planet has made hurricanes and storms like Fiona increasingly intense and frequent. 

Five years after Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico. killed 3,000. 

Hurricane Fiona destruction


This image of a bridge was taken Jan. 18 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, before Hurricane Fiona.

In the next slide, it is difficult to see the bridge. 

Aftermath Hurricane Fiona


Here’s a Sept. 21 photograph of the same bridge in Arecibo (Puerto Rico) in the aftermath Hurricane Fiona.

The hurricane caused extensive flooding and led to Power outages This affected hundreds of thousands Puerto Ricans. 

The The entire island After Hurricane Fiona, power was lost. 

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