Amateur clubs want to play in the cup, but not after weeks without football

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There are concerns among the 26 amateur clubs that are still in the TOTO KNVB Cup. The associations would like to play their match in the first round of the tournament, but are limited by the tightened corona measures.

Financial side also plays a role

The amateurs will not play league matches in the coming weeks and can hardly train. Outdoor sports are allowed with a maximum of four people, the distance being 1.5 meters.

“Normally we play at home against Willem II, but now we are not allowed to play league matches or train. That cannot be the case,” says chairman Aart Goossensen of Derde Divisionist DVS’33 Ermelo against Press.

“It seems logical to me that the match against Willem II will be postponed, if necessary to 2021. Or that is possible? If there is the will of the KNVB and the clubs. The KNVB will have to come up with a solution.”

According to Goossensen, amateurs are extra at a disadvantage against the pros, who can continue to play football due to the corona rules. “And that cannot be the intention. There is now a request to the KNVB to resolve this. All amateur clubs are the same.”

Amateur clubs that play against another amateur association do not like to play a cup match after weeks without football. It is very important to them to finish the match under the best possible conditions; in addition to prestige, there is also something at stake financially – 10,000 euros is earned per round.

“As far as we are concerned, we will train a little if possible and we will see in a week and a half whether it is possible to play,” said Ad Westerhof, who is chairman of the Second Divisionist AFC and is part of the CVTD, the interest group for clubs from the Second and Third Divisions.

“On the other hand, an exception to the measures must be made within three days, I don’t think that is possible. Postponing the game is hardly an option, because all clubs have a busy schedule.”

Chairman Ad Hendriksen of Rijnsburgse Boys, which, like AFC, was linked to an amateur club, also wants to play only if training can be done first. “Although the game could be a little later in our opinion, at the end of November for example.”

The games in the opening round of the TOTO KNVB Cup are scheduled for October 26, 27 and 28.



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