Amaia Montero exploded against La Oreja de Van Gogh and left Twitter

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The singer, who left the Spanish group 12 years ago, spun a string of tweets as a public catharsis. And then she closed her account: “A withdrawal on time is a victory.”

It’s been more than a decade since Amaia montero left Van Gogh’s ear to begin his solo career. Although too much water ran under the bridge, the singer lashed out at her former colleagues and She spoke for the first time about the reasons that prompted her to leave the group.

He wrote: “I want to think that life is fair, that time puts everyone in their place, that the masks sooner or later rot and fall off and then that’s when you see the true face. And although we are already late, I do not lose hope that it will happen. That day I will rest and justice will be done“.

That’s how it started a thread of tweetsAlthough at first the fans did not understand who it was aimed at, Montero made them more explicit with the running of the keyboard.

“There are them absolutely lacking in personality, submissive who are dedicated to carrying out orders under the motto of easy lifeThat for me that is not living, it is breathing, and what a horror to live without being able to be remote-controlled oneself and, on top of that, go the opposite way “. For the followers, this message was dedicated to Leire Martínez, who took her place in the band and with whom he already had conflicts.

With few details, he explained the reasons why he is no longer part of the musical group: “I belong to a type of radically opposite people, with my mistakes, my successes, but with clear things. And that is difficult to accept for certain people. That wears out, wears out a lot. It’s not as easy as ‘Amaia left’“.

Fans were quick to ask him about the reason or recipients of that release. “I want to think that more things are happening with La Oreja de Van Gogh, which are not public, so that he has this attitude lately,” wrote a follower, to which Montero replied: “Bingo”.

The singer continued to delve into the reasons that led her to leave the band: “Being well means among other things do not allow yourself to be insulted, harassed, bullied, etc … I’m at peace. “

After all your explosive messages, Montero decided to close his Twitter account. “Retreat on time is a victory”he said by way of farewell.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, this release was seen coming. A few days ago, a follower of the group shared a photo of several albums of Van Gogh’s Ear signed by Leire Martínez, including those recorded by Amaia.

“Impressive collection in terms of the amount of material! But none of mine is signed by me … and that makes it a bit strange, to say the least! I would never sign a record that would not correspond to me… out of sheer honesty and respect, “Montero replied.

The interpreter left the band in 2008, after eleven years of career and more than six million records sold. It was always speculated that Amaia left the group to launch a solo career and thus achieve greater personal benefits. Other versions maintain that she never felt well treated and that she was a victim of bullying.

One of Montero’s most recent scandals involves Lali Espósito. The Argentine artist recalled in an Instagram live an alleged fight that the Spanish had with Eugenia Suarez when they did Almost angels. Lali said the singer had a few more drinks. Upon learning these sayings, Montero asked Esposito to retract.

And Lali apologized through social networks.



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