Álvaro Gango has returned to music through the big door. After a few years of hiatus, the former member of the Spanish group Auryn, has surprised with an intimate and acoustic song which he has titled Luck.

In 2016, the pop band composed of Blas Cantó, Dani Fernández, Carlos Marco, Álvaro Gango and David Lafuente decided to end their journey together and each of the young people chose to follow their solo careers.

We had lost track of the Madrilenian. His appearances on social networks are counted on the fingers of one hand, but on November 3 he shared a post on Twitter in which he wrote “November | 5”, accompanied by a small teaser announcing new music.

As promised, on November 5 at six in the afternoon, he shared, also through his Twitter account, the full video of Luck. A song in which only the chords of a guitar accompany the sweet voice from the singer.

The theme is practically a autobiography to which Álvaro Gango wanted to give color with music. The lyrics narrate the ability to resist, not to fall in the hardest moments. “The thunder is part of the final equation of the storm that we had to save”the artist intones.

The fan reactions they have not been made wait. After the announcement that new music was arriving, something highly anticipated by Gango’s followers, they have turned to the artist and have given him their full support on the networks.

“It shows that you have written it from the depths of your soulIt is a song with magic and a lot of truth. You have not disappointed, thanks for coming back, “wrote a user on Twitter.”I feel so much peace to hear you again. It’s nice to have you back, “said another.

Dani Fernández has also celebrated the return of one of his most beloved colleagues. “What a joy to see you make music again, little brother. Seeing you with the guitar and writing makes me feel proud. I hope to run into you on stage. I love you, child, “the one from Ciudad Real was honest.

He also a singer Mario jeffersonAfter joking about his physical appearance, he wanted to wish the Madrilenian good luck: “What I want to know is why you are exactly the same as four years ago. And now, after this, a lot of shit“.

However, it seems that the surprises do not end here. Just half an hour after Luck saw the light, Álvaro Gango shared another post on Twitter that read “November | 20” which, according to the antecedents, leads us to think that the singer will premiere another song on that date. Definitely, Auryn’s ex fans are in luck.