Although death toll in Belgium has risen to 37, almost all of them survived the flooding.

At least 37 people have been killed in floods that struck Belgium. Fortunately, the death toll won’t rise much now that six people remain missing. Preparations are underway for any new rain.

Police continue to search for the victims in the disaster area. Her team has been able identify 32 victims. Six of the 473 persons who were still missing have not been located. The national crisis center stated that while there may be hope for some of those missing, “a suspected signal of life” is not enough to prove it. However, “on the one hand, there are very strong indicators for certain people that they will unfortunately die.”

There are always new reports about missing persons. The crisis center has more information.

Belgium and Germany have not yet been able to repair the damage caused by floods, even though new rain is expected. Authorities are concerned. They carry sandbags everywhere.

It has been nearly dry for the past week. The water in Limburg’s disaster area could seep into Limburg. But, there are heavy thunderstorms expected next weekend. This is worrying, as retention basins remain sufficient and dikes remain saturated. Weatherman David Dehenauw on VTM television assures that it will not happen again like last week.

However, weak sections of the Halen, Belgium–Limburg dike are being reinforced with sandbags to prevent future damage. Mayor Erik Van Roelen explained that the sandbags were removed when danger seemed to have passed but that they are being reused now, Het Laatste Nieuws.

Mayor Roelen said, “We should not panic. But be alert.”

According to the national crisis center, authorities in Hainaut as well as Flemish Brabant closely follow developments. Hainaut’s Aiseau-Presles is experiencing new rainfall, which “poses a risk for flooding.” Flemish Brabant can be exciting because the catchment basins that run along the Demer River are almost full. Limburg is also affected by this.

Germany is currently focusing on cleaning up the aftermath and searching for victims’ bodies or survivors. Although the official death toll has been reached at 177, more than 100 people are still missing.

Rain is expected to arrive in Germany. Heavy rain is possible in areas that were affected by the storm.

‘Local storms’ will occur in various parts of Rhineland-Palatinate, according to DWD’s weather report. Some areas will see rain while others will experience thunderstorms. Rhineland-Palatinate, in particular, is still home to 4,500 volunteers, firefighters, and military personnel.



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