Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski says he does not intend to support the president Donald Trumpin the appointment of a candidate for judge of the Supreme Court if it ends in a vote in the Senate. Murkowski is already another Republican senator who has announced his refusal to vote.

Earlier this weekend, a Maine senator Susan Collins stated that he did not support the appointment of a new Supreme Court judge before the upcoming presidential election.

Judge of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburgin after his death last Friday, President Trump said he would nominate his candidate as his successor. Senator Collins believes the position of judge should not be filled until the future president is elected.

“The decision to appoint a lifelong judge should be made by the president who will be elected on November 3,” Collins said.

Senator Murkowski is on the same lines as Collins.

– I have found for weeks, I do not support the fulfillment of a judge of the Supreme Court position this close to the election. Unfortunately, the hypothetical situation has become true, but my position has not changed, Murkowski states in his statement.

To date, five of the nine judges of the U.S. Supreme Court have been conservatives against four of the Liberals. However, Trump has the opportunity to giggle his choice to a 6-3 majority of conservative judges.

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The majority believes that the election should take place only after the election

A majority of Americans would like the future president who won the election to nominate a successor to Ginsburg. It turns out Reuters from a poll published on Sunday.

According to a national poll, 62 percent of Americans would like the next president to nominate a successor candidate. 23% of respondents disagree and the rest cannot say.

Eight out of ten Democrats and five out of ten Republicans believe that the appointment should take place only after the election.

Trump would need the approval of a majority of the Senate for his candidate. In the Senate, Republicans have a majority of 53-47, but with the statements of Murkowski and Collins, that gap has narrowed.

Biden: “Voters need to be heard”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden commented on the matter on Sunday. He also opposes Trump’s plans for the speedy election of a new judge.

– The voters of this country must be heard. According to the constitution, they should decide who has the power to make this appointment, Biden says.

Biden said he should be able to appoint a new Supreme Court judge if he wins the November presidential election.

Biden also refrains from nominating potential candidates because he believes it could expose them to political attacks. At the same time, she reiterated her promise to name an African-American woman if she got the chance.