Alonso: We can do it if they can get hands on us

Fernando Alonso spoke out about a remarkable statement that he made on Saturday during Silverstone’s sprint race. The Spaniard stated that he will continue racing on “the dark side of Formula 1”.

Fernando Alonso, two-time world champion, started the first Sprint Race in Formula 1 history at 11th place. However, he found himself in P5 by the end of the first lap. He would eventually finish seventh after losing two positions in the remaining 100-kilometer race. His team warned him not to brake too hard during Saturday’s race. Alonso strongly reacted. He declared that he would “keep doing exactly the same thing for all of the year” and added, “I will stay on the darker side.”

Although the reaction was widely interpreted as an act of aggression, the Alpine driver refrained from making that connection. The 39-year old driver said that he has been a good driver all his life and will continue to be a good driver throughout his career. “I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t have points on his racing license. What I meant was that I felt a little stupid in Austria for following the rules. Alonso pointed out an incident that occurred on the Austrian Grand Prix’s first lap. After Turn 1’s start, Daniel Ricciardo ran wide on the Red Bull Ring. This off-track action enabled Ricciardo to regain the position that he had just lost to Alonso.

Alonso immediately reported the matter to race management. They denied the claim. “We tried to talk to race officials and tell them what the others were doing, but we didn’t get many answers. “That was bizarre,” exclaimed Alonso.

Alonso now takes control of the situation. “I don’t want to have to blame every race or complain about things the others do.” [fout] to do. Alonso stated that the strategy failed and that we would have to follow the lead of the others. “We tried to play fair game and say to the referee, ‘Look, they’re making hands in the penalty area. If the referee doesn’t intervene, then we can only say that we can also make our hands in the penalty zone. So we do that.”


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