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Which comedian makes Germany laugh? Which satire show is hot? “The German Comedy Award 2020” provided the answers.

On Friday evening, the who’s who of the national comedy scene met to choose the high-flyers of 2020 as part of the German Comedy Prize. The first big premieres of the evening: after more than 20 years, the show was not on RTL, but on Sat.1 and instead of an expert jury, the viewers decided on the lucky winners via online voting.

Will Luke Mockridge become a presenter?

After Luke Mockridge’s (31) opening show, things went quickly, after all, prizes were to be awarded in a total of ten categories. The award for the best comedy series went to “Slavik – Auf Staats Nacken” (Joyn). “Heute-show” (ZDF) was awarded as the best satire format, “The Martina Hill Show” (SAT.1) as best sketch comedy and Dennis (29) and Benjamin Wolter (29) from “World Wide Living Room” (Funk) accepted the award for the best comedy show.

Host of the evening, Luke Mockridge, also had reason to cheer. But when he accepted the award for the best moderation (“LUKE! The school and me – VIPs against kids”, SAT.1), he was amazed to see: “You start as a stand-up comedian and then become the best Excellent moderator. ” It can go that fast. In no time at all, Felix Lobrecht (31) also received an award. He was named Best Comedian that evening. The pregnant Hazel Brugger (26) was happy to receive the award for best comedian.

Torsten Sträter is surprised

In the newly introduced Best Comedy Podcast category, Felix Lobrecht and Tommi Schmitt (31) once again won the race. Your podcast “Mixed Hack” was voted the winner by the audience. Laura Larsson (31) and Ariana Baborie (32) from “Herrengedeck” accepted the award as the best comedy podcasters, but had a suggestion for improvement in their acceptance speech: They want a combined podcast category in the coming year. In this case, they would not understand the meaning behind a gender distinction.

As the best newcomer, Maria Clara Groppler (30) prevailed against her male colleagues Simon Pearce (39) and Simon Stäblein (32). Torsten Sträter (54) was allowed to end the evening – who had not known anything about this honor up to now. He received the surprise prize for the best TV solo program and struggled on stage with a lump in his throat that had developed from being moved.


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