From the General Directorate of Traffic it has already been announced that 57% of the traffic accidents registered on Spanish roads over the past year they would have been avoided in the case of having a series of driving assistants installed in all the vehicles on the roads. And is that these ADAS are programmed to help the driver and avoid, for example, distractions at the wheel that can end in a collision.

The Four Driving Assistants You Should Look For In Your Next New Car

Due to its enormous utility, as long as you know how to use them correctly, the European Union is going to require that some of these systems be included in a mandatory way in the most modern vehicles. And for this there are barely two years of waiting.

Although the full incorporation of these updates It is planned for the year 2026, in the summer of next 2022 it will already be mandatory that newly approved vehicles include as standard a long list of these systems, which will be the following:

  1. Intelligent speed assistant.
  2. Lane keeping system.
  3. Autonomous braking with detection of vehicles and moving objects.
  4. Drowsiness and distraction control systems.
  5. Interface for installing a breathalyzer to unlock the car.
  6. Emergency braking sign.
  7. Obstacle detection in reverse.
  8. Blind spot information system (on buses and trucks).
  9. Pedestrian and cyclist collision warning (on trucks and buses).
  10. Event recorder, popularly known as a black box.

Like ya ABS systems, stability control and pressure sensors were included in the list of tires, the driving assistants that will be included in the vehicles aim to increase the safety not only of drivers, but also of pedestrians, cyclists and other users of urban and interurban roads.

Looking ahead to 2024, it is expected to increase these extras by adding systems that protect these vehicles, much more computerized, from being hacked and that detect mechanical details such as level of wear of the tires.