Lewis Hamilton has become the record-eater from Formula 1. The last to fall, possibly one of the most relevant, is the number of Grand Prix victories, something that seemed unthinkable not so long ago, and only he knows how far he can put the ceiling.

If you renew with Mercedes, something that seems likely but has not yet occurred, will have at least one more season of absolute dominance, since the regulations remain practically unchanged. That as long as the hare does not jump with a Ferrari or a Red Bull that hit the key, something that if they have not achieved in the last five years, nothing suggests that they will do it now.

Although there are still a few left Michael sSchumacher, Hamilton already leads numerous solo rankings in F1. Now the big question is how far these records will go and, above all, how long they will last. If Schumacher’s 91-win has lasted 14 years, when he imposed it before even Hamilton’s debut, Will there be any who will reach or surpass it in that time?

  • A dozen Schumacher records that Hamilton hasn’t broken … to this day

    David Sánchez de Castro

Hamilton Records (as of October 27, 2020)

  • Most Grand Prix wins: 92
  • Most poles: 97
  • Most podiums: 161
  • Most consecutive GP participations: 262
  • Most races leading, at least, in one lap: 159
  • Most races led from start to finish: 22
  • Most first rows of grid: 156
  • Most points: 3,687
  • Most runs between points: 225
  • Most points in one season: 413
  • Most points in a debut season: 109
  • Most wins at home Grand Prix: 7
  • Number of circuits won: 28
  • Number of different GPs won: 27
  • Number of circuits where he has made pole: 29
  • Number of different GPs making pole: 27
  • Number of different GPs finishing on the podium: 30
  • Consecutive seasons with a win since debut: 14
  • Consecutive seasons with one pole: 14
  • Consecutive runs in points: 45
  • Consecutive podiums since debut: 9
  • Consecutive races leading: 18
  • Consecutive races ending: 45
  • Longest time interval between the first and the last World Cup: 4,018 days
  • Youngest to lead a World Cup: 22 years and 126 days
  • Most wins in a month: 4