All the masks that Consumption has withdrawn from the market

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Wear a mask It has become a constant in our lives since the Government forced us to wear it as a protection measure against the coronavirus pandemic. In Catalonia It is mandatory since July 8.

Consumption has published a notice with the types of masks that do not protect the citizen and were until now on the market – there are a total of eight masks. It is very important to know what type of mask you want to buy and if it is approved, that is, that it meets the minimum requirements required by the health authorities for correct and safe use. reports the Levante EMV newspaper, from the Prensa Ibérica group.

Masks retired

Here we indicate which are the masks that do not protect you and are no longer for sale to avoid a possible contagion of covid-19.

1. Hygienic mask PREMIUM DISPOSABLE FACE MASK without brand of the model JL-1-ce masks inside: Its filter material has a penetration higher than that allowed for a FPP2 mask.

2. FEK FUERKANG type K95 / FPP2 protection mask: Its filter material has a penetration greater than that allowed and with its use there is a risk of contamination.

3. MOLOVEN BUTTERFLY TYPE protection mask, model MY00 type KN95: Also due to a filtering failure.

4. LAXIANG protection mask ref ES 906: Its filter material had a higher penetration than allowed. The Basque Government notified the May 27 of this year.

5. PURVIGOR KN95 / FPP2 masks from lot 20200316: The filter material is not correct for this class of masks. The Junta de Andalucía gave the notice on May 7.

6. ELITE mask type FFP3 / NK95 model ELITE RESPIRATOR EB09.049: a mask that belongs to the «PPE» category, but does not comply with the filtering regulations

7. FFP2 protection mask green container the Garry Galaxy brand with reference 20200324 201201: the Ministry launched the notification on this mask in early May due to filtration problems. The mask had been sent to Catalan hospitals.

8. YCK ‘Kids Mask’ children’s hygienic mask, pack of 50 units: Consumption has proceeded to withdraw this children’s mask from the market after the notice given by the Junta de Extremadura in August. The word “antivirus” appears on the packaging, but there is no document to justify it.

Other masks that violate the regulations

Consumption received several notices of masks that were not suitable for sale and that due to their characteristics, did not adapt to what the current regulations required, so they were not masks that would provide the user with correct protection against covid-19.

To the eight masks withdrawn for Consumption previously mentioned, another two should be added:

INUAN KN95 protection mask with reference 200301




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