“All the ingredients are there for a new rebound in the epidemic”

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Europefear a third wave Given the shocking numbers of cases and infections that are being known in recent weeks. The French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, has alerted the population to don’t let your guard down due to the critical situation in which the country finds itself.

France currently has 32,345 coronavirus patients, more than the highest peak of the pandemic in the first wave of spring. That is why experts have called for organization and preparation for a hypothetical third wave that would hit Europe, according to the newspaper. The world.

In the same way, Véran recalled that “the confinement is not over” and has recognized that the mental health of the French has deteriorated due to the anxiety produced by the uncertainty in people about where the pandemic is heading.

To control the situation, secondary schools in the Paris region will begin to diagnose possible cases of Covid-19 starting next Monday through the massive deployment of antigen tests, as part of a pilot operation for staff and students who volunteer.

The latest data from the French Ministry of Education this Friday report that there are 222 classes and 20 schools closed due to contagion cases, compared to 142 classes and 21 centers last week. The number of students who have tested positive in the last week is 13,870, compared to 12,487 last week, of the 12.4 million students in the country. The numbers of contaminated personnel have fallen to 2,011 cases, compared to 2,223 last week (out of a total of 1.16 million workers).



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