all the horror films of Oz Perkins in streaming to celebrate Halloween

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The latest of the three films – all horror films – directed by Oz Perkins, the grandson of Psycho’s Anthony, one of the new and most interesting authors of the genre currently in circulation, is available digitally.

I’ve been telling you this for some time: Osgood Perkins, for everyone simply Oz, is one of the new authors horror most interesting in circulation.
If you still don’t know it, or if you are missing some pieces, this weekend of Halloween it could be the right occasion to see his complete work (consisting at the end of only three long in streaming.
From today, in fact, it is available digitally (its Rakuten TV, Itunes, Google, TIM Vision, Chili, Sky e Infinity) Gretel and Hansel, the film fleetingly released in theaters last August in which Perkins reworks the tale of Hansel and Gretel gods Brothers Grimm giving life to a horror tale with an exquisitely contemporary taste and with a very dark and elegant staging treated in a maniacal way, with the Sophia Lillis of It very good in the role of the protagonist.

Gretel and Hansel: the trailer

The first film directed by Oz Perkins is instead February – The innocence of evil, and it is a psychological horror of which he is the protagonist Emma Roberts which sees the story of two students from a Catholic college who were alone in the school during the winter holidays intertwine in a surprising way, while all their companions have returned home to their families, and a peer who has escaped from a psychiatric hospital. February – The innocence of evil is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and for rent and for sale on Rakuten TV, Chili and Google.

February – The Innocence of Evil: The Trailer

Between Gretel and Hansel e February – The innocence of evil it is placed instead I am the beautiful creature that lives in this house, which you find available on Netflix and that’s it, being a Netflix Original.
It is a horror loosely inspired by the literature of Shirley Jackson which is halfway between the story of a haunted house and something more complex, in which Ruth Wilson plays the role of a nurse who moves into an old house to take care of an elderly horror novelist with senile dementia, and who discovers how the woman’s books are based on a bloody incident that took place there home.

I’m the beautiful creature that lives in this house: the trailer


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