All the details of the “super” treatment against the coronavirus that Trump received and the doubts it generates

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What did they give him. When they gave it to him. How you got it. And what do the experts think? Here, we answer everything.

He special treatment received by President Donald Trump to access a experimental medicine against coronavirus raises questions of equity They start with the flawed health care system many Americans suffer and end with the public’s right to know more about their health, according to medical and ethical experts.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. revealed Tuesday what exceptional it was for someone to receive the drug that was given to Trump outside of trials to test its safety and efficacy. The drug, what supplies antibodies to help the immune system eliminate the coronavirus, it is considered very promising.

Trump also received the antiviral remdesivir and the steroid dexamethasone, and it is impossible to know if any of these medications helped you.

“He deserves special treatment by virtue of his position,” admitted George Annas, who directs the Boston University Center for Health Law and Ethics. “The question is whether it is a good treatment.” These drugs have not been tested in mild cases or in combination. The steroid appears to be out of line with medical guidelines based on what doctors have said about the severity of his illness.

“The public is getting mixed messages about his illness and that is a problem, “said Annas, adding that there is a right to know anything that may affect Trump’s ability to serve.

Trump’s doctors ordered the drug Regeneron according to the rules of “Compassionate use”, which allow a patient with a fatal disease to receive an experimental drug if they cannot enroll in a study that is testing it and there is no good alternative.

Trump received the drug at the White House on Friday before being taken Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Walter Reed is not a place where drugs are being tested, so he may have met that criteria for technical reasons. If you had enrolled in a study, you would have risked being randomly assigned to a control group receiving usual care instead of the drug.

Compassionate use requests are decided case by case And both the drug company and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must agree. An FDA spokeswoman declined to comment on the agency’s decision or say how many others have requested the drug.

Fewer than 10 of those requests have been granted, said Regeneron spokeswoman Alexandra Bowie. There’s a limited stock of the drug, the priority is to use it for ongoing studies, and emergency access is granted “only in rare and exceptional circumstances, “he wrote in an email.

Regeneron also contacted Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign team “to let them know about the compassionate use mechanism, should they need to request it” if Biden were to catch it, Bowie wrote. “There was no promise of access to the drug,” he added.

Alison Bateman-House, ethicist at NYU Langone Health Academic Medical Center, said Regeneron’s proposal to Biden raises concern.

“That crosses certain limits because it seems to promote a product potentially not approved“In violation of FDA regulations, he said. Rather than directing people to sign up for studies, he suggests,” Just give us a call and we’ll have you skip the line, “he said.

As for Trump, “I’m not sure it was an emergency situation,” said Dr. Steven Joffe, chief of medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania.

“I think it is not right for the privileged, the president, to receive special treatment that is not available to the rest of us,” he said. “There is so much injustice in our health system and so many people who do not even have access to the basics” that the favoritism that was shown with Trump is “the symptom of a much bigger problem“.

Trump spent three nights in a military hospital with a team of doctors monitoring him 24 hours there and at the White House.


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