All Romanians are affected: what is happening with the current bills, from this month

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In the context of the pandemic, most Romanians are not in a very good economic situation. However, they will end up paying more for paying the electricity bill.

Independent of the electricity suppliers active in Romania, the Romanian authorities have increased the electricity bill for the entire population of the country. As long as you have access to electricity, the bill will increase from November 1. Thus, regardless of when your next electricity bill comes to you, regardless of energy consumption, you will definitely pay more on electricity.

All electricity bills issued in Romania will increase from November 1. This is a consequence of a measure from the National Energy Regulatory Authority. ENRE has increased the cogeneration tax, and this is paid by all domestic or industrial consumers.

As a percentage, the increase is fabulous, although the way it will affect you personally will vary depending on your consumption. The cogeneration tax increased by 40% from 3.5 euro / MWh to about 5 euro / MWh.

If you have never heard of this reference, the cogeneration tax has a very clear explanation. The contribution for high efficiency cogeneration is a monthly amount due by each electricity consumer, for the promotion and development of energy production in high efficiency cogeneration system, in order to increase energy efficiency and improve security of energy supply on the energy market. from Romania. It is intended for state aid granted to cogeneration energy producers, the biggest beneficiaries being the CHPs (district heating power plants) which also produce heat for the population.

In the end, if your current electricity bill is high enough, the increase will be significant. If you pay a little for electricity anyway, you should not feel a significant blow. Regardless of the situation, I don’t think anyone needed this news.


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