All for 1 – 1 for all: We’re proud to current the Sky Authentic movie coming this Christmas

Tutti per 1 – 1 per tutti, the comedy Sky Authentic directed by Giovanni Veronesi with Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea and Rocco Papaleo, will premiere on December twenty fifth on Sky and streamed on NOW TV, additionally out there on request.

All for 1 – 1 for all is the battle cry of Musketeers born from the pen of Alexandre Dumas and specifically the title of the primary of the brand new Sky Authentic movies. Actual and proper Christmas occasion within the sky, The film is the continuation the acclaimed Picaresque comedy The King’s Musketeers – The penultimate mission. At all times directed Giovanni Veronesi, All for 1 – 1 for all has as protagonist three gifted Italian actors and beloved by the general public: Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea e Rocco Papaleo, to which they be a part of Purchase Margherita, Giulia Michelini, Sara Ciocca, Anna Ferzetti, Federico Ielapi, Guido Caprino e Giulio Scarpati. Produced by Imaginative and prescient distribution e Indiana manufacturing, All for 1 -1 for all will ventilate Premiere on December twenty fifth his sky all 21.15. The comedy may also be out there on request e in streaming su NOW TV and it not solely brings us again to seventeenth century France, but in addition helps us perceive the worth of solidarity and braveness.

What All for 1 is about – 1 for all

All for 1 – 1 for all begins within the current with the toddler Antoniowho’s in love with a gorgeous little lady named Geneva who’s about to go away Italy together with his mom to maneuver to England. Antonio he’s determined and, to consolation himself, he delves into studying The three musketeersand is known as a personality within the story Buffon Who’s orphan from each mother and father? Buffon Admire the musketeers who’ve served the Crown for 35 years and have grown from 4 to 3 Aramis He died and was reborn as a wolf. Athos, Porthos e D’ArtagnanNevertheless, they misplaced their enamel and power and alongside the way in which Athos invitations his comrades to order and severity, Porthos received lazy and D’Artagnan he appears more and more distracted. The queen takes care of the restoration of the trio Anna d’Austriainstructing the musketeers to hold out one last secret mission: escort Enrichment of England and his daughter la Princess Genevaon the border with Holland. D’Artagnan, Athos e Porthos due to this fact they set out with the fortune teller TomTom and sure Buffonwho snuck right into a chest. Throughout their lengthy journey, they’re cheered on by the individuals and encounter a diversified gallery of characters, beginning with an anarchist Cyrano de Bergerac. Between battles and ambushes, the musketeers should select between obligation and friendship, and query every part they believed in.

All for 1 signal – 1 for all

Though the true stars of All for 1 – 1 for all I’m Athos, Porthos e D’Artagnan, the comedy of Giovanni Veronesi It is an ensemble movie. That is why we might prefer to let you know one thing about every character on this adventurous and distinctive story.

Pierfrancesco Favino is D’Artagnan

D’Artagnan stated “Arrow” He is a bit of silly and has little sensible thoughts, however he is harmless as a toddler and believes in human goodness. At all times in love with the queen, ladies like him, for instance a Enrichment of Englandand doesn’t hesitate to bask in vainness on occasion, placing a bit of powder on her face and exhibiting off a faux mole. Greater than his companions D’Artagnan contains Buffon and his feeling, and he is able to do something to assist him, even to betray his mates and the crown. First swordsman in France, arrow It’s expressed via fairly a humorous language that may be a mixture of Creole, Sardinian, and Marche, and infrequently makes use of neologisms or confuses one phrase for one more.

All for 1 - 1 for all: We're proud to current the Sky Authentic movie coming this Christmas

Valerio Mastandrea is Porthos

Porthos He’s the bravest of the Musketeers and most reluctant to take authority until the Queen offers him an order. The years have made this musketeer cynical, disillusioned, sarcastic, and even a bit of indolent, albeit tolerant of his mates’ weaknesses. Porthosnevertheless, it opens to like because of the encounter with TomTomwho will change into his weird companion, a lady who must be protected and cared for and who questions the longer term.

Rocco Papaleo is Athos

Athos He’s a person in a single piece who would sacrifice his life for the beliefs during which he believes. He would battle indefinitely if it weren’t for a maze that retains dropping him to the bottom. Athos could be very authoritarian with Porthos and above all with D’Artagnanand is essentially the most impervious of the three to emotions. He’s additionally a bit of drained and want to withdraw. In direction of the top of his mission, he begins to offer himself as much as love. Athos He’s the final musketeer to contemplate taking off his cloak within the identify of friendship.

All for 1 - 1 for all: We're proud to current the Sky Authentic movie coming this Christmas

Giulia Michelini is TomTom

TomTom It’s a sadistic experiment by the Louvre technicians, a mad fortune teller who is aware of all of the streets and paths, climbs and descents of France. She was buried alive in Provence within the grave of Nostradamus and it was fed with catfish droppings and Marseilles cleaning soap flakes in order that they could attain the bounds of purpose and contact the excessive spheres of clairvoyance. TomTom He falls in love with Porthos and conquered it by consuming daisies.

All for 1 - 1 for all: We're proud to current the Sky Authentic movie coming this Christmas

Guido Caprino is Cyrano

Probably the most fearsome opponent of the Musketeers on their last mission is Cyrano de Bergeracwho isn’t ashamed of his massive nostril, is a talented knight and swordsman, the second in France to be exact. Cyrano He heads the Courtroom of Miracles, a gaggle of villains that rage within the countryside close to Paris and hates the authorities. To the Cyrano The musketeers are servants of the crown and D’Artagnan deserves to die.

All for 1 - 1 for all: We're proud to current the Sky Authentic movie coming this Christmas

Anna Ferzetti and Enrichment of England

Enrichetta is maybe essentially the most unfavourable character of All for 1 – 1 for all and embodies evil, in different phrases opportunism and lack of affection. Lovely and proud, she doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice the happiness of Princess Geneva within the identify of energy and stability and seduce D’Artagnan. The Queen Anna d’Austria he does not love her, however Enrichetta go straight forward and do not hesitate to decide on British intelligence over musketeers.

All for 1 - 1 for all: We're proud to current the Sky Authentic movie coming this Christmas

Federico Ielapi is Antonio, Uno and Buffon

The cheeky orphan Buffonwho admires the Musketeers a lot and is their mascot One when she will get married Geneva supported by the actors of the Courtroom of Miracles. BuffonIt’s at the start of our story too Antonio, a young and passionate youngster who loves deeply Geneva and who doesn’t settle for that it is going to be taken away from him. Antonio eagerly delves into studying The three musketeersselect Athos, Porthos e D’Artagnan in protection of his sentiment and to make her query her devotion to the crown.

Sara Ciocca is Princess Ginevra

Geneva She is each the little lady beloved by Antonioand he or she who offers him the guide of The three musketeers, each the princess and Enrichment of England She is decided to take her to Holland. Geneva Dream about operating Buffonhowever he is aware of the story is towards him and should sacrifice his needs within the identify of peace. “Probably the most stunning loves are the unattainable” – he tells her Anna d’Austriaand he or she believes it, realizing that queens can’t select with their hearts.

All for 1 - 1 for all: We're proud to current the Sky Authentic movie coming this Christmas

Margherita Purchase is Princess Anna of Austria

Just like the musketeers who Queen Anne of Austria She is bored with her function. Her management place within the nation requires her to make unpopular choices, reminiscent of authorizing the departure of Enrichment of England and from Genevathat she loves very a lot. To beat worries, the sovereign raises her elbow a bit of with alcohol, whereas the girl in her want to be beloved D’Artagnan. However greater than emotions rely Anna the explanation for the state and to maintain up with a world that’s altering too rapidly.

Giulio Scarpati is Beghelì

Life wasn’t variety too Beghelìwho’re terrified with their monstrous look Buffon. The person has a hook as a substitute of a hand, a picket leg, a hump, a lot of scars and a glass eye. To avoid wasting kids from protected shipwreck, he needed to cope with tiger sharks. It’s absolutely the best hero of All for 1 -1 for all.

You possibly can observe the vicissitudes of this cute and dilapidated group of characters watching the comedy of Giovanni Veronesi All for 1 – 1 for all, to broadcast 25 December in absolute preview on Sky at 9.15 p.m.. Or you possibly can see it streaming on TV NOW.


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