All for 1 – 1 for all is the first Sky Original film (and will be on Sky at Christmas)

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The sequel to Musketeers of the King – The penultimate mission is the first film in a series that will carry the Sky Original brand, and will be broadcast during the Holidays on Sky Cinema: thus also skipping the theatrical release.

All for 1 – 1 for all, the sequel to The King’s Musketeers – The penultimate mission, the film that sees return Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea and Rocco Papaleo, respectively in the role of D’Artagnan, Porthos and Athos and who, like the previous one, is directed by Giovanni Veronesi, Sara the first to be branded Sky Original, which, as per the press release, is “the brand that distinguishes the original Sky productions, much appreciated by the public and critics, and other contents with the highest quality standards, proposed by Sky.”

If this is the news for those who propose it, for those who receive it and those who read it, the real news lies in the fact that All for 1 – 1 for all will be broadcast on Christmas by Sky Cinema: and that therefore, like many other important national and international titles, will skip the passage of distribution in cinemas.
This is probably the umpteenth blow that comes from the world of distribution and production to the exercise, which – when it is put in a position to be back in business – will not be able to count on the proceeds of the film: and we must remember that King’s Musketeers, released in Italy on December 27, 2018, took home more than five million euros.
In the cast of All for 1 – 1 for all will also come back Margherita Buy as Queen Anne of Austria, and will still be there Federico Ielapthe. There is also room for two new characters, played by Giulia Michelini and Guido Caprino, other than Anna Ferzetti, Sara Ciocca, Giulio Scarpati, Davide Marotta, Massimiliano Varrese, Luis Molteni, Ubaldo Pantani and Anna Bonasso.

This is the comment by Nicola Maccanico, Executive Vice President Programming of Sky Italia:

Sky Original is now synonymous with high-level seriality, with contents designed for a demanding audience like that of Sky and characterized by very high production standards. Today, the new challenge for us is to extend this winning model to films as well. The great Sky Original stories are the most appreciated by our subscribers, unique contents and real pillars of the Sky offer to which the time has come to add the great Italian and international cinema. And I am particularly happy that this important new cycle is being launched by an Italian film of the importance of Tutti per 1 – 1 per tutti, a sequel to Moschettieri del Re – The penultimate mission, a title that last year was among the most seen and loved by the public. This new film by Giovanni Veronesi, to which special thanks goes, is also a perfect example of what we intend to do: to involve the best talents of cinema in front of and behind the camera also in this new editorial perimeter. Sky is the home of Cinema and we want to be even more so ..

Fabrizio Donvito, Partner & CEO of Indiana, commented:

For Indiana, giving life – together with the director Giovanni Veronesi and the incomparable crew – to this second chapter of the saga of the Three Musketeers was an exciting undertaking: “Tutti per 1 – 1 per tutti” is a totally banal production, especially in the Italian scene. and of these times. A true fairy tale, balanced between irony and sentiment, immersed in fantastic scenarios, between talking animals and unique characters. With a very high level cast, enriched by further new entries. We are sure that the public will appreciate this suitable story To the whole family In this dramatic closing time for cinemas we are proud that “All for 1 – 1 for All” has found a home as a Sky Original movie.

Director Giovanni Veronesi commented:

In a year like this, anything could happen. I operated on and risked Covid, I booked a holiday with a deposit in March and they segregated us at home for three months and finally I made a movie and the theaters were closed. All in 2020. But now a light called Sky has turned on. And more correctly Sky Original which will launch my film “Tutti per 1 – 1 per tutti” allowing it a prestigious limelight even in this dramatic moment of closure of the theaters. It is another bizarre mission of the Musketeers, a moving film, a story of impossible love between two children, with some moments of great comedy. The protagonists – Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea, Rocco Papaleo and Margherita Buy – accompanied this time by a first choice parterre such as Anna Ferzetti, Giulia Michelini, Guido Caprino and Giulio Scarpati, they really performed in irresistible moments. I am very proud of this film, I think the Christmas season is the perfect setting for family fun. It is a film to watch and live together. With the wish of a Christmas I really hope more peaceful , for my part and my wonderful Musketeers.

The official synopsis of All for 1 – 1 for all:

Always goliardic but more rusty, the Musketeers D’Artagnan (Pierfrancesco Favino), Porthos (Valerio Mastandrea) and Athos (Rocco Papaleo) return, recalled by Queen Anne of Austria (Margherita Buy) for a very last secret mission. Guided this time by a singular visionary named Tomtom (Giulia Michelini), they will launch into a new, amazing adventure that will intertwine the destinies of little Princess Ginevra (Sara Ciocca), daughter of Enrichetta of England (Anna Ferzetti), and Buffon ( Federico Ielapi), a very young and curly orphan. In a journey full of challenges of all kinds and fantastic encounters, including the one with Cirano (Guido Caprino), they will face the toughest of tests: choosing between loyalty to the Crown and that of friendship.


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