In the mid-90s, FIFA was born, a football video game thought like real life: with national teams, clubs, players, stadiums and other elements that surround this sport. And although it may seem a lie, it was the most realistic in electronic games that had been seen until that moment.

Over the years, the company Electronic Arts (the company behind the video game) began to acquire the necessary licenses and permits to be able to offer a more real game sensation, with the players’ faces, use of stadiums, style of play, the possibility of repeating, team names , uniform advertising, among other options.

At the beginning, the sales expectations were not the best, since there was a rival positioned in the market (PES), but following the strategy of using an outstanding athlete for the covers and advertising of the game, they made “soccer” for the Americans enter strong in various markets. Thus, sales far exceeded targets.

Without any surprise, this has become one of the most anticipated games by the community gamer year after year, which is why today more than 40 versions of FIFA have been released on all platforms.

When will FIFA 21 launch?

FIFA 21 has generated great expectations, especially for what has happened to the world of football due to the Coronavirus. Video game lovers are looking forward to the arrival of October 9, FIFA 21 launch day.

The game will be available for the current generation consoles: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and on PC, but it will also be playable on the last two major consoles that are expected to come out later this year: PS5 and the Xbox One Series X.

As usual, the game comes in 3 different versions: Standard Edition, Champions Edition Y Ultimate Edition. These vary, in addition to certain competitive advantages for FIFA players Ultimate Teamas well as the gold packs, the special FUT kits and the icons, in the price; Its cost will be around COP 220,000, COP 290,000 and COP 370,000 respectively.

FIFA 21 hires a storyteller for the first time in history

What modes are available in FIFA 21?

During the last decade, EA and FIFA have been increasing the offer of game modes, as well as the competitions and teams with which to play. For FIFA 21, there will be four (4) game modes, like this:

  1. Second consecutive season of Volta Football, or what is known as “street football.”
  2. Career mode, in which you choose whether to be a player or a coach.
  3. Pro clubs.
  4. FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

He Ultimate Team It is the game mode most awaited by everyone, since in this one you can create the team of dreams by being able to buy and sell players using the currencies that the video game offers for playing online games or for the economic investment that each player decides to make through the virtual store. As always, the classic modes of amateur games, training, licensed leagues like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Copa Libertadores, local leagues and more will be available in this new version.

In addition, you have the opportunity to play tournaments online with global players and put your dream team to the test. The prizes are game coins, special packages and the honor of being one of the champions. In addition, each new version brings a considerable number of tournaments (either face-to-face or online), competitions and competitions to find the best players.

FIFA 21 in Colombia

It always generates concern among fans who will be the best players in the game. As is customary, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo top the list. Of the Colombian players, Duván Zapata, James Rodríguez and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado are the outstanding ones.

James Rodríguez, now a new player for Everton of England, appears with an overall rating of 82 points, where ball control, cross pass, shot on goal and long shot are the best-scored characteristics with 90 points.

Although it is true that FIFA games stand out from their main competitor for having licenses for all the teams of the most famous and competitive leagues in the world, in this version only 8 teams from the Colombian Soccer League have been chosen, being only available those who had some participation in international tournaments. These teams are: América, Junior, Medellín, Tolima, Millonarios, Nacional, Cali and Pasto.

It only remains to wait a few days to be able to assemble dream teams and play what will be, for a year, one of the best video games. As always, let’s hope FIFA 22 surpasses its predecessor.