all about the Korean thriller that Stallone wants to remake in America

Between thriller, action and comedy, a film that tells of the unusual alliance between a policeman and a gangster to capture a dangerous serial killer. It was presented at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and among the protagonists is the Don Lee of Train to Busan.

The extraordinary success of Parasite was useful, also in Italy, to make the general public understand what the professionals, the most passionate cinephiles and the great international festivals have known for years: namely that fromFar East For several decades, a cinema of great quality and research has come often and willingly, capable of rivaling on equal terms, if not surpassing on the right, many Western and Hollywood productions.
If in the eighties and nineties that of Hong Kong it was the most beautiful and dynamic cinema in the world, since 2000 it has been there South Korea to take the lion’s share, with films of high technical and often artistic quality, which gross a lot at home and often go around the world as well.
Al Cannes Film Festival, just to give an easy example, the one with a Korean film presented in the midnight section (the one dedicated to genre cinema or more adrenaline) is now an unmissable appointment. And in 2019 a Cannes it was presented The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil, directed by Lee Won-tae and performed by Ma Dong-seok, Kim Mu-yeol e Kim Sung-kyu.

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil: la trama del film

The title, a clear Leonian reference that is popular in Korea (there was also The good, the crazy, the bad, in 2008), is quite indicative of what the plot of this wild and fun action movie is. In fact, it tells of a policeman and a gangster who decide to join forces to find and capture a perverse serial killer. However, their aims are different: the first would like to arrest him and bring him to justice, the second to take him and kill him, to take revenge for having been the target of the killer, from whom he managed to save himself thanks to his prodigious physical strength.
As often and willingly happens in Korean cinema, this plot is declined by mixing genres together until they are indistinguishable from each other, alternating and skilfully mixing thriller, wildest action and even comedy with the most unusual humor.

Il trailer originale di The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

The director and the cast

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil is the second film to be directed by Lee Won-tae after Man of Will, prison movie of 2017. Lee has worked in the Korean film industry since 2011, when he made his debut as a producer and then became a screenwriter and eventually a director.
The three main actors, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Mu-yeol e Kim Sung-kyu, are well known in their homeland. Kim Sung-kyu, the killer of the film, is also in the cast of the Korean series of Netflix Kingdom, but it is without a doubt Ma Dong-seok, the beefy gangster with terrifying physical strength, the most popular of the three. After a long and glorious career as a character actor, the actor, who is also known as Don Lee and who has dual citizenship, Korean and US, has exploded thanks to Train to Busan, in which he played one of the main characters (again, the one of extraordinary physical strength), and was then the protagonist of very successful films in Korea such as Derailed and The Outlaws. The international success of Train to Busan then allowed him to join the cinecomic Marvel The Eternals, in which he will play the role of Gilgamesh.

A remake by Stallone

Even before that The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil was presented to Cannes world premiere, news came from the United States that the film will be the subject of a Hollywood remake by the will of a legend like Sylvester Stallone, which will produce it through his own Balboa Productions and of which he could perhaps also sign the direction. In the official statement announcing the project it was also confirmed that Ma Dong-seok he would also reprise the role of the gangster in the American remake of the film.


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