Aline Gotschalg changes her body with dietary reeducation and cites benefit. Look!

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Aline Gotschalg talked about the weight loss process. Without resorting to restrictive diets, the influencer changed lifestyle and included healthy eating. “I don’t diet. I had a dietary reeducation. I don’t like that word because I don’t like to have a very restrictive diet, so it’s quite different. I did a dietary reeducation due to a panic attack that I had and I think that diet makes you very restrictive. Food reeducation you have a good relationship with food, with food. I think that this is the only way you will be able to maintain because you will have a restrictive diet for a certain period, with a goal. I find it difficult to maintain, I don’t like it “, affirmed this Friday (30).

Influencer reports panic attacks

Aline explained why she adopted new habits. “I started having panic attacks at the end of last year. I had never had it before. It was literally overnight. I started having compulsive crying attacks for no reason and I felt a lot of anguish. And it scared me a lot. I stopped to reflect on how much I didn’t take care of myself, my body, my health. My diet was basically fast food, soda and instant noodles. I really ate to kill my hunger no matter what. I never stopped to think about ‘I’m going to eat to nourish my body’. I didn’t even have time for that. I was totally sedentary, I didn’t practice any kind of physical exercise and that led to these panic attacks “, he reported.

Ex-BBB realized he needed to take care of himself

Then, Aline described how she overcame the problem. “I stopped to reflect on the care that I had with my body. I only demanded it, but gave nothing in return. I started to see food differently and to look at food as something that nourishes my body. I don’t want to eat industrialized products anymore, I want to eat more cleanly, with less pesticides, so I opted for organic food more. I also started practicing muay thai, actually I always did. Before I had Lucca, I loved it, I always liked it . After the pregnancy I lost the desire “, commented.

Aline Gotschalg changes routine to gain health

The target of criticism on social networks because of thinness, Aline approved the changes in the body. “Since I changed my habits, I never had a panic crisis again. It was my body’s response to good stimuli, good habits … and that didn’t have and has a price! My weight loss was something totally natural, healthy, without any pretension of aesthetics. But I also cannot be hypocritical and say that seeing this change in the aesthetics of my body did not make me happy and safe. I am much happier, “he said.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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