Alin Oprea (49 years old) is happy with his new life partner, named Medana, with whom he rebuilt his life before officially separating from his wife, Larisa, after 22 years of marriage. The singer’s new girlfriend wanted to show him how much she loves him, so she sent it to him through the newspaper Click!, a message of love on his birthday.

“Without you I exist, but I do not live, because you are the color in my life, the most beautiful and strongly colored. And yes! You are the color of my life. I could paint a beautiful landscape in the colors of the rainbow, but without you it would be nothing but bland, lifeless. You are the rainbow of my heart! ”, Medana tells Alin Oprea on his birthday

“You are the sun of my life. I could draw smiles, but without them they would only be outlined with a pencil on a piece of paper. Your smile is my smile full of joy! (…) I could write your name on the blue of the sky, but without you next to it it would be covered by many black clouds, because your name is deeply ingrained in my soul and in my heart “, Medana adds.

The two live together with rent, and all summer they were on the beach, where Alin tried to restore his budget, after Larisa blocked his accounts. “Only with you did I finally understand what love means. I love to love you, my dear man! Thank you for existing in my life and for giving me the whole Universe! Happy birthday, Alin! ”, Concludes Alin Oprea’s girlfriend.

The singer says he’s a happy man now. “God knew better than me what” magic “had prepared for me, our” fairy tale “began to be written in May 2019 and its lines are still flowing,” he told Click !.