Formula 1 season points will be raced for the second week in the tube in Italy. This weekend we will be driving on the Mugello track.

Italian driver of Alfa Romeo Antonio Giovinazzi During the F1 weekend, an interview in their native language Motorsport.comille.

Giovinazz’s only experience with Mugello is from 2018, when he tested his driving there for the Le Mans 24-hour GT car race.

– Personally, it ‘s really great to be able to compete in my country for the second week in a row. Mugello is one of the most beautiful and difficult tracks, Giovinazzi said.

The pace of Alfa Romeo hasn’t been enough this season to challenge other stables properly, which was also seen a week ago in Monza. Also visited the pile site Kimi Raikkonen eventually dropped to 13th.

– We need more momentum to be able to seize our opportunities. It’s not just about the engine, but also the aerodynamics and bodywork, Giovinazzi continued.

Giovinazzi, who was clearly behind Räikkönen last season, has already been able to put the Finnish champions in the combs in time this season, but in the competitions he has been second only in the competition within the team almost time and time again.

– When evaluating my performances, the problem is that they are compared to a master like Kimi Räikkönen. He’s a really tough race driver, so as a comparison, it makes the situation difficult for me.

– The flip side of the coin is that I can develop at the same time and learn from Kim why he is so good at competitions, Giovinazzi said, noting that the development has gone in a good direction.