Alfa Romeo keeps his bet for the team Formula 1 and will continue at least one more season with the duo formed by Kimi Raikkonen Y Antonio Giovinazzi, who will be teammates for the third consecutive season and deject Mick Schumacher without a seat in the Italian team.

Raikkonen renewed at 41 and will further extend his record of rider with the greatest awards contested, since when 2021 starts it will add 330 races and its most immediate active pursuer is Fernando Alonso, which has 312.

In the renewal statement, Raikkonen highlights that “many of the faces that were around me when I debuted in F1 in 2001 they are still here and the unique atmosphere of this team is what gives me that additional motivation to continue forward in what will be my nineteenth season in the category. “

Furthermore, he insisted that “he would not be here if i didn’t believe in the project of the team and what we believe we can achieve together. This is a team that values ​​hard work over words and that fits well with my style: I’m looking forward to next year and hopefully take a few steps to the front of the midfield with the team. “

Now all the spotlights point to Mick Schumacher, who was going to premiere in Formula 1 in the first free practice session of the GP the Eifel with Alfa Romeo, but rain and fog canceled that practice and young Schumacher was left without making his debut.

In any case, the renewal of Raikkonen Y Giovinazzi leaves the German without a seat in Alfa Romeo and Mick’s future points directly to Haas, which confirmed that it will not renew Magnussen and Grosjean. Among the options for 2021 they also shuffle the names of Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez and the russian Dimitri Mazepin, which comes from the F2 backed by family fortune and he points out that he will be Schumacher’s partner.