The Spanish women’s team is committed to one of its most beloved teammates, Virginia Torrecilla, which is in full treatment of the tumor cerebral that they took away a few months ago.

In addition to sending him constant messages and keeping him up to date with everything that happens in the call (he is in a WhatsApp group with the most veteran of the national team), one of them, Alexia putellas, has gone above and beyond and is going to pay him a very special tribute until he recovers.

Friends for many years, since they have competed together since they were children, Alexia has decided replace your bib, the symbolic 11, for the 14 that Torrecilla wore. “I wish this situation had never happened. This number is from Virginia. When it all happened, we talked and agreed. I will carry her number until she recovers and is here again, soon “, he explains in a video he has made for the official media of the National Team.

With the broken voice, the Barça attacker has promised that this number will carry him for a long time, at least until his friend returns to the pitch, and will dedicate all the goals he scores to him. “Everything good that happens with this number will be for her”, Has promised.