Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalnyi has been repatriated from the hospital, informs Charité Hospital in Berlin, which treated him.

According to a hospital release, Navalny’s hospital treatment ended on Tuesday. He was a bedridden patient for a total of 32 days, of which 24 days were in intensive care.

The long-term effects of severe poisoning are still impossible to assess, but doctors who treated Navalny say the politician’s recovery is progressing well.

– Based on the patient’s recovery and current condition, the attending physicians believe that complete recovery is possible, the release says.

A spokesman for Navalny said last week that the leader of the opposition plans to return to Russia after he has recovered.

Navalnyi got symptoms of poisoning on August 20 on a flight from Siberia to Moscow. Symptoms have been found in several countries to be caused by the Soviet neurotoxin novitokok. Russia has denied its involvement in what happened.