Russian opposition leader poisoned with a neurotoxin novice shock Aleksei Navalnyi has posted a recent photo of himself on his Instagram account. There is a wife next door Julia Navalnaya.

– Hi, this is Navalnyi. I miss you (heart smiley). I still can’t do just about anything, but yesterday I managed to breathe all day [ilman apuvälineitä]. There was no outside help of any kind, not even a valve in the throat.

The message continued, apparently humorously.

– I really liked it. It’s a wonderful, completely underrated way of doing things. I recommend.

Neither Navalnyi nor his campaign team have released any other images since the poisoning.

According to the German government, Navalnyi is poisoned with a neurotoxin by novice shock, and the Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that only Russia can provide answers to events. Official Russia denies being behind the poisoning.

German Hospital Charite informed on Monday that Navalnyi has been successfully disconnected from breathing aids. According to the hospital, rehabilitation has begun and Navalnyi will be able to leave the hospital bed for short periods of time. The hospital informs about the health of Navalny with the permission of Navalny and his wife.

I was the most spokesman Kira Yarmysh says on Twitter that Navalnyi plans to return to Russia.

– All morning, journalists have contacted and asked if it is true that Alexei intends to return to Russia. I understand what’s behind the question, but it’s still weird for someone to think of other options. I confirm once again to everyone: no other options were ever considered.