Actor Alexandru Arsinel (81 years old), suffering from diabetes, underwent eye surgery. The actor mentioned, at Romania TV, that he is under the close supervision of the famous doctor Monica Pop, but also that he is very attentive to nutrition.

“It is a suffering that all people from a certain age have, I leave our eyes, the glasses intervene, operations that make us have the opportunity to see with good eyes. Probably because of the elections, to see better what is happening, what is going to happen. It is better to smile than to be upset “, said Arşinel for

The actor explained what this operation consists of and recalled the fact that the late Stela Popescu went through similar moments.

“Diabetes did not affect my suffering, I have had glasses for several years, but in the last year my eyesight has begun to decline. That’s how we got to Professor Tătaru, who has a close collaboration with Dr. Monica Pop. And he was kind enough to work for me, it’s a new operation and technology, a way to act. An operation that does not use tools of any kind, is done with drops, 30 minutes drops in your eyes and the transplant is performed, the old lens is removed and replaced with the new one. And Stela, God forgive her, did all this operation “, said the actor.