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Just a few days before the elections in the United States and the conclusion of his campaign for re-election by the 14th district of New York to Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been revealed as a shining star on the cover of the December issue of ‘Vanity Fair. She is the cover girl and the protagonist of the succulent report ‘AOC. Your next four years‘, where in addition to reviewing the political achievements of the youngest congresswoman in US history, since she just turned 31 this month and is already a Latin icon of’ millennial ‘neopolitics, the journalist Michelle ruiz abounds in the childhood of the democrat of humble Puerto Rican origins, with testimonies from her family and friends, and also from her partner, the web developer Riley Roberts, with which he leaves from the university.

It is end of campaign with fanfare ‘couché’ It has sting a lot among the conservative ranks, which already have lined up AOC since 2008. Since Obama no one was seen with such charisma and talent, that’s why the Republicans have nicknamed her as “the bogeyman” and one of its representatives, Ted yoho, osó llamarla “female dog”, “loca” Y “disgusting” on the steps of Congress. Everything from her first waitress jobs, her wardrobe, or the rent she pays for her flat in Washington D.C. Now, the chain pro-Trump Fox News has stormed out to disqualify a Sandy, as they call it in privacy. One of your journalists, Laura Ingraham, has also fired on Twitter: “AOC appears in ‘Vanity Fair’ in 14,000-euro suits to curse Trump“.

Part by part. It is true that the interview with AOC from his office in the Bronx it was done the same day that ‘The New York Times’ published the explosive investigation on the (not) taxes of Trump. And the congresswoman did not hold her tongue: “These are the same people who say that we cannot have free public universities because there is no money, when these sons of bitches only pay $ 750 a year in taxes” (…). Trump He’s the racist visionary, but McConnell it does the job. “But it is also true that all, absolutely all, of the magazine’s cover reports are made with protagonists who are dressed in luxury signatures to pose before the lens of a renowned photographer.

“Those who say we can’t have free public universities because there is no money are the same sons of bitches who only pay $ 750 a year in taxes.”

Tyler Mitchell, one of the most requested names in the sector since its historic session with Beyoncé for ‘Vogue’ in 2018, he is in charge of sublimating Ocasio-Cortez with different models, from Loewe, Carolina Herrera O Christopher John Rogersas well as Louboutin shoes and Bulgari jewelry.

For the session, of course, AOC used her famous empowered woman weapon: her fetish red lipstick, the Stay All Day Liquid de Stila en color Beso, which, according to, she has explained, brings “confidence” and takes care of self-esteem, something that in this society that always reminds you that “you do not have the right weight or skin color” can even be considered a “radical” act.

The passionate politics, which some already see rivaling Kamala Harris In the 2024 primaries, he has uploaded networking tutorials to teach his colleagues in Congress. She moves like a fish in water on all platforms, from Instagram – where she accumulates 7.2 million followers – to Twitch, where she recently played ‘Among Us’ live to ask the youngest to vote. It was on Twitter, however, where With a couple of slaps, she has responded to criticism for being a cover girl.

Most inclusive session

“It’s worth it. I would do it again,” he told Ingraham. “I don’t know if you’ve been to a photoshoot, Laura, but you don’t keep the clothes, “he reminded her, before underlining that she was impressed because most of the people who worked on the report were” bipoc people. [no blancas], women, LGBT and working class people. “

“I don’t know if you’ve been to a photoshoot, Laura [Ingraham], but you don’t keep the clothes “

That is the environment in which the disciple of the progressive senator moves best Bernie Sanders. The 14th district of New York for which he is running for re-election incorporates part of Queens and the Bronx, where she has grown up. It is made up mostly of Latinos, Asians and blacks, and has been the worst hit by the pandemic. If November 3 wins Trump, “I will not be able to look them in the eye and tell them that they will be safe,” he says. AOC.

She was forged in those streets. Sergio, his father was an architect and a small business owner when the Bronx was on fire. He helped rebuild some buildings. His mother, BlancaShe arrived from Puerto Rico as an adult, and worked cleaning houses. When her husband died of lung cancer during the second year of Sandy he had to moonlight and also drove school buses. AOC she felt that she should pull on her family and serve her community, just as her father did before. Not only did he improve his grades but “she started working as a waitress to put food on her family’s table. ”

The girl who started activism at the age of 12 demanding that the “brown and lifeless aquatic” pond of her institute be cleaned, completed her studies in Niger and graduated ‘cum laude’. “Having lived on the edge of poverty makes me better at my job than 90% of Republicans,” he proudly confesses.



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