Alert for a serious inmate in the brave bar of Talleres de Córdoba

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Videos are circulating of the brutal beating of one of La Fiel’s bosses and also another with armed hooded men promising “vendetta.” A thick climate surrounds the “noodle” club.

The internal of the brave bar of Talleres de Córdoba has become uncontrollable. Two videos of threats and revenge. In the first, a group of prisoners is seen torturing the head of La Fiel (the bar “noodle“) in jail demanding money from the other faction and that Walter “The bull” Aguilera (the boss) explains his connection with the trade unionist Mauricio Saillén, head of the SURRBAC (Unique Union of Waste Collection and Sweeping), the most powerful union member in Córdoba who is being prosecuted for multiple causes.

The “war” Between the two fractions of the “noodle” club, it has been coming for years, with violent encounters in the vicinity of the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium, fighting for the boss in the Talleres rostrum. Now the threats have reached the Bower jail where one of the leaders was attacked. The beating was filmed and broadcast. The “Toro” Aguilera appears very beaten. The attackers were shown in that video hooded and with weapons. The facts have not yet been clarified despite investigations led by the prosecution and the Cordovan policemen.

The story is not new. The Faithful, one of the parties that make up the bar, threatened the common fans asking for a “Toll” to occupy a place in the gallery or to travel in the buses that the bars rented. Once the barra entered the Kempes, they did so disguised as the characters of the El Chavo community. Then, El Chavo, Don Barriga, Don Ramón and La Chilindrina appeared, among others.

They also carry a flag rejecting Pachuca, the other Mexican club that is managed by President Andrés Fassi, who when he took office in Talleres rejected the claim for tickets and money for the trips that the barrabravas sent him.

In another unusual event, the Cordovan Legislature “rewarded” La Fiel for his behavior in stadiums. Until there was a death in Villa Carlos Paz and they withdrew that approval. Not everything ends there, on a trip to Brazil the violent fans robbed businesses in the neighboring country and even threatened the peaceful fans asking for money so they could return to Argentina.

In addition, the Cordovan police had to separate the two groups in the Daniel Willington tribune to avoid the constant attempts at confrontations between the two gangs. There was even a fight over the burning of a drum and, in the halftime of several games, there were always bullfights on the stands. The real fans got tired of yelling at them: “Let everyone go / not one of them remains …” fed up with the repeated robberies and episodes of violence.

What was now seen in one of the videos was chilling: 15 hooded men – heavily armed – not only exhibited the video where it was shown how “the Bull” Aguilera was tortured by other inmates of the Bower Prison Containment Unit. They remembered Aguilera for burning a bass drum and for staying with “some back” that they did not correspond to him, among that they accused him of having 5 million pesos from an assault. One of them asked the Toro:You like to set yourself on fire, don’t you? ” And the bar denied the accusation. “Say hello to Piscitello (another bar)” said the one who hit him. And Aguilera implored him: “Che Gun I did nothing. I never stole from you; I didn’t keep anything, ask any of the guys. “

“Gun” accused the union member Mauricio Saillen, head of SURRBAC, accused by the Federal Justice of illicit enrichment. Aguilera was cured in the prison infirmary, donated even crying for the beating he received. They say that the perpetrators of the video who were the protagonists of the beating of the bar were identified, but their names were never revealed.

For his part, the former leader of The Faithful, “Gun”, he ignored Aguilera telling him that “I didn’t know that bulls cry. Could someone tell me if that’s true? asked the brave bar, Far from lowering the spirits, a new video appeared where those who published the first are threatened. There, the friendly bars of Toro Aguilera reveal large caliber weapons, trigger several times and empty their magazines.

In the Police and in the Cordovan Justice they do not know yet they did to enter so much weapons in the jail nor how they viralized the videos that reached all the media of the province. The Faithful It has an impressive record full of criminal cases such as threats to the leaders of workshops, several armed confrontations among them, attacks on police personnel at the entrance to the Kempes stadium, illegal carrying of weapons and crowding common fans to request “tolls”.

The Minister of Security, Alfonso Mosquera, told this afternoon to Clarion that the case is in charge of the prosecutor José Bringas, who works together with personnel from the General Directorate of Investigations, trying to identify the authors of the videos. The Cordovan government authorities are concerned that the inmate of the Talleres brave bar went to the extreme of torturing a prisoner inside the jail and viralizing the videos, including hooded weapons and bars.




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