The AD Alcorcón has recognized that he incurred in an improper alignment in the LaLiga SmartBank match on Saturday against the Real Zaragoza (0-0), by training on the field for nine minutes with five players with a subsidiary file, and has assumed the error “with anger and self-criticism” waiting for the group to decide to report the incident.

“Yesterday, in the match against Real Zaragoza, our team committed an improper alignment for a few minutes. It was an unfortunate incident that, in case of challenge by the rival, means administratively losing the point for which the team fought so hard on the field. The error, and the consequence that it entails, is a harsh punishment that must be assumed with anger and self-criticism, “the statement said.

In addition, the potter club ensures that “to compete” they must “do better” and be able “to avoid mistakes that are clearly avoidable and should not happen”. “In the same way, we understand that mistakes are part of life, and therefore of football. And that in AD Alcorcón, mistakes do not have a name or surname, but belong to all of us who make up the club, from the presidency even the rest of the employees. We are all right and we are all wrong, “he underlines in defense of his coach, Mere Hermoso, and his technical team.

On the other hand, the club remembers that “these are not easy times”, and that they take months “demanded to the maximum between health protocols, adaptation of regulations, economic limitations when configuring templates and efforts and sacrifices to maintain employment and activity of sports clubs with very low income “.” It is of course no excuse, only an attenuator to the required concentration levels. At some point, errors may occur that may not occur under normal conditions.. This time it was our turn, hopefully the season will not bring any more setbacks to any LaLiga team, “he says.

“We can only apologize to our fans, learn from the mistake, and continue working with the same dedication and humility to compete on the pitch with the same commitment that everyone who makes up the team showed yesterday, “he concludes.